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Whether you're looking for the best dark spot remover for your face, hands, legs, chest or any other body part then you're in the right place. We've spent countless hours reviewing over 100 leading brands, we've read through hundreds of reviews and conducted our own survey in which we asked consumers to vote for their favorite product, and now we want to share our findings with you.

Considered by many to be the industry's #1 dark spot remover for both Men and Women of all ethnicities, MELADERM® has been scientifically formulated by experts with more than two decades of experience in treating skin conditions and improving the esthetic appearance of complexions affected by skin spots and discoloration associated with Melasma, Chloasma faciei and Hyperpigmentation.

Developed with safety in mind, this dark spot corrector has undergone rigorous testing, being only made available for public use 4 years after its initial development, and has now become the #1 selling dark spot corrector with over one million satisfied customers world wide.

Incorporating the most advanced research in the industry and based on an efficient spot remover formula free of hydroquinone, steroids, mercury or other harmful discoloring agents, the product is as safe as it is reliable, having been commended by numerous experts and praised by thousands of consumers as being the very best dark spot treatment on the market today.

Uses and Effectiveness

Using specific, harmless active ingredients designed to target the excess of melanin in parts of your skin affected by hyperpigmentation, this remarkable formula has been known to show striking positive results, not only when it comes to treating dark spots, but also for a variety of other skin related problems.

Some of these include:

  • Age, liver and sun spot removal;
  • The fading of old scars and skin discoloration caused by birthmarks;
  • Freckles and acne marks;
  • Both dark and light discoloration, as well as the treatment of uneven skin tones;
  • Melasma, Chloasma and other skin related disorders.

What makes this the best dark spot remover is the careful way in which the manufacturing process is managed. Using all natural active ingredients like Kojic acid and alpha-arbutin which have been preserved very carefully, as well as base ingredients such as liposomes and carriers scientifically formulated to ensure the active ingredients are properly assimilated by the body, the level of quality that goes into making this product goes far beyond anything you may have seen in the case of other dark spot remover formulas.

Long Lasting permanent Results

Meant exclusively for topical use, the formula is extremely easy to apply, requiring only a few minutes of your time, twice per day for exceptional results in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Many users report acheiving incredible results when used together with the exfoliating serum. Simply follow the usage and dosage directions in combination with the exfoliating serum and expect to see fantastic results, and with the proper prevention methods applied later on, you can keep your complexion smooth, healthy and free from discoloration and dark spots for as long as you desire!

What Are Dark Spots?

To understand why you need a dark spot remover and what results to expect, you have to first understand what dark skin spots are and what causes them.

Black or brown spots on the skin are quite common, in spite of so many treatments and prevention methods being available today. These skin problems are caused by a condition called hyperpigmentation – which basically means certain areas of the skin produce more melanin (the chemical responsible for skin coloring).

Numerous triggers and causes can exist that would explain the presence of black spots on skin areas such as your face, arms, shoulders or legs, and most of them, as we will see in the following, are mainly known to target seniors or individuals in their middle ages but can occur in people of all ages.

The Main Causes of Skin Spots

Before starting to talk about dark spot removal products, it is  important to know what causes dark skin spots. Following are three of the most well known and documented causes that you need to be aware of:

  • Hormonal changes can cause patches of skin to darken quite often, especially in the case of women going through menopause or pregnancy. These types of skin spots are called Melasma, and they have also been known to occur as a birth control pill side effect or as a result of hormone therapy treatments.

  • Lentigines are spots caused by increased exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Black, gray or brown spots on skin appear in the case of more than 90% of people over the age of 60 who are exposed to excessive sunlight.

  • Finally, unwanted skin spots can also occur as a result of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) – which can basically be caused by any type of trauma to the skin, including burns, acne, psoriasis and various other skin conditions.

Remedies – Are They Effective?

Although topical dark spot removers and correctors may be the best and most affordable way of dealing with skin discolorations, there are other available methods as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most widely used solutions and treatments:

  • Dark spot remover home remedies: Most of the time, these remedies are the easiest to come by. Citrus juice application, a lemon and honey face mask or various scrubs made from citrus fruit can at times be mildly effective in fading dark skin spots.

  • Manual exfoliation: This method can also work to a certain extent; however, exfoliating agents are only able to target the top layers of the skin, and you will certainly need a more effective method for deeper spots.

  • Laser treatment: With technology advancing to a greater extent on a daily basis, laser treatment has also become a valid option as a dark spot treatment. However, despite its high rate of effectiveness, laser treatment still remains a very costly solution for most people.

With an increasing number of dark spot removers being introduced into the marketplace, figuring out the best one to buy can be a difficult endeavor ...  We've done the homework so you don't have to! 

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