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WOW! A Dark Spot Remover with Amazing Results...

When a Company has enough confidence in their product that they are willing to challenge me to put their dark spot remover to the test I figured they deserved the opportunity — so I accepted the challenge!

However, I replied back with an open mind and I personally accepted the challenge as I had a great deal of dark spots on my hands so I figured I'd be the perfect candidate, but I also made it very clear to them that I would be completely honest with my review, if their product didn't live up to it's claim then I would let it be known and I wouldn't hold anything back.

I honestly thought they would back out after I told them my intentions but I was pleasantly surprised when they replied again saying they were perfectly fine with it and they were very confident that their product was the "best dark spot remover" on the market, the only stipulation they had was that I give it a fair amount of time to work so they asked that I use it for at least 3 months before going ahead with my review - to which I agreed!

Fast-Forward 3 months and I am very happy to report that they won the challenge with flying colors, their dark spot remover works better than any other product I have researched and tested to date!

The results I achieved were quite dramatic and I will definitely be their customer for life, their dark spot remover REALLY works and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.... Check out my results below! 

Whether you're looking for the best dark spot remover for your face, hands, legs, chest or any other body part it is clearly a superior skin brightener/dark spot remover that lives up to it's claim.

Considered to be the industry's #1 rated dark spot remover for both Women and Men of all skin color, it has been scientifically formulated by experts with more than two decades of experience in treating skin conditions and improving the esthetic appearance of complexions affected by skin spots and discoloration associated with Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Chloasma faciei and more.

Developed with safety in mind, this highly concentrated all-natural skin lightening cream has undergone rigorous testing, being only made available for public use 4 years after its initial development, and has now become the #1 selling dark spot remover in 2019 with over one million happy customers worldwide.

Incorporating the most advanced research in the industry and based on an efficient spot remover formula free of hydroquinone, steroids, mercury or other harmful discoloring agents, the product is as safe as it is reliable, having been commended by numerous experts and praised by thousands of consumers as being the very best dark spot treatment on the market today.

Uses and Effectiveness

Using specific, harmless active ingredients designed to target the excess of melanin in parts of your skin affected by hyperpigmentation, this remarkable formula has been known to show striking positive results, not only when it comes to treating dark spots, but also for a variety of other skin related problems.

Some of these include:

  • Age, liver and sun spot removal;
  • The fading of old scars and skin discoloration caused by birthmarks;
  • Melasma, Chloasma and other skin related disorders.

What makes this the best dark spot remover is the careful way in which the manufacturing process is managed. Using all natural active ingredients like Kojic acid, Passionflower Extract, Squalene and alpha-arbutin (just to name a few) which have been preserved very carefully, as well as base ingredients such as liposomes and carriers scientifically formulated to ensure the active ingredients are properly assimilated by the body, the level of quality that goes into making this product goes far beyond anything you may have seen in the case of other dark spot remover formulas.

Long Lasting Permanent Results

Meant exclusively for topical use, the formula is extremely easy to apply, requiring only a few minutes of your time, twice per day for exceptional results that can be seen in as little as few weeks. However for maximum results I recommend using it for a minimum of 3 months as I did.

I also recommend using it together with an exfoliating cloth of some sort . Simply follow the usage and dosage directions and expect to see fantastic results, and with the proper prevention methods applied later on, you can keep your complexion smooth, healthy and free from discoloration including: age spotsliver spots and sun spots for as long as you desire!

Cons: The only negative that I can think of is that unfortunately it is not available in stores, if you run out you'll have to place an order online and wait a few days before you receive more, so my best advise here would be to stock up so that you always have plenty on hand.

Update: A lot of our Canadian readers have been asking where they can purchase meladerm and we are pleased to inform you that you can now buy meladerm in Canada and around the world!
Nature's 10 Most Powerful Ingredients to Remove Dark Spots
I've always been unhappy with the dark spots on my hands (it runs in my family), however after using their dark spot remover for 3 months not only are the spots almost invisible but my hands are much smoother and younger looking than they were before, so it actually performed as an anti-aging cream & skin brightener by eliminating my dark spots and wrinkles too ... I'm very impressed!  
What Are Dark Spots?

To understand why you need a dark spot remover and what results to expect, you have to first understand what dark skin spots are and what causes them.

Black or brown spots on the skin are quite common, in spite of so many treatments and prevention methods being available today. These skin problems are caused by a condition called hyperpigmentation – which basically means certain areas of the skin produce more melanin (the chemical responsible for skin coloring).

Numerous triggers and causes can exist that would explain the presence of black spots on skin areas such as your face, arms, shoulders or legs, and most of them, as we will see in the following, are mainly known to target seniors or individuals in their middle ages but can occur in people of all ages.

The Main Causes of Skin Spots

Before starting to talk about dark spot removal products, it is important to know what causes dark skin spots. Following are three of the most well known and documented causes that you need to be aware of:

  • Hormonal changes can cause patches of skin to darken quite often, especially in the case of women going through menopause or pregnancy. These types of skin spots are called Melasma, and they have also been known to occur as a birth control pill side effect or as a result of hormone therapy treatments.

  • Lentigines are spots caused by increased exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Black, gray or brown spots on skin appear in the case of more than 90% of people over the age of 60 who are exposed to excessive sunlight.

Finally, unwanted skin spots can also occur as a result of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) – which can basically be caused by any type of trauma to the skin, including burns, acne, psoriasis and various other skin conditions. 
before and after using a dark spot remover on hands

25 Top Rated Dark Spot Removers & the #1 Choice for 2020!

Allant Nourish Dark Spot Fade Cream
Abeille Royal Dark Spot Corrector
Arbonne Revelage Age Spot Minimizer
Bremenn Clinical Dark Spot Eraser
Burts Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector
Carita Haute Anti Age Spot Cream
Caudalie Premier Dark Spot Remover
Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector
City Cosmetics Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector
Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment
DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
DE-SPOT Skin Brightening Corrector
Desert Pea Skin Bright Serum
DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Remover
Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Serum
GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex
#4) Allant Nourish Dark Spot Fade Cream

This formula goes deep beneath your skin layers and treats it internally of impurities. Allant Nourish Dark Spot Fade Cream is made from a blend of effective ingredients. The Green Tea, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Pantheol and Emu oil formula cures discoloration and lightens your skin tone. Its Omega 3, 6 and 9 protein constituents give your skin nutrients, making it livelier and begin the lightening change. Their fade cream has proven to be very useful for removing dead skin cells that create dark spots and ageing spots on your skin. 
#5) DE-SPOT Skin Brightening Corrector

DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector is formulated with effective ingredients to cure discoloration and appearance of dark spots, according to the manufacturer. The darkening of skin during pregnancy as well as due to sun damage, acne and aging, can be treated with this product. The results start to appear with in 2 weeks of use, and your skin should get fairer in almost 12 weeks. Wow, that’s a long time.  
#6) Abeille Royal Dark Spot Corrector

Abeille Royale Dark Spot Corrector is a good remedy for dark spots owing to its natural ingredients. The bee by-products are known to be effective for skin treatment. Its special blend of royal whitening concentrates, Glabridin and bee byproducts make it a good cosmetic product for treating dark spots. Application is very simple and easy. Simply apply two drops of Abeille Royale Dark Spot Corrector directly to the skin and lightly massage.   
#7) City Cosmetics Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector

City Cosmetics’ Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector uses concentrated formulation of enzymes to break up pigment deposits on your skin. They product is aimed to treat all signs of dark spots and preventing them from appearing again. For prevention of spots or to add glow to your skin use a small pea-sized drop of the product and apply in circular strokes moving slowly in to upwards direction. The product is recommended for use at night.

#8) Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector

Under the popular brand name Chanel, comes this skin care spot corrector beauty product named Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector.. The formula aims at treating all kinds of spots to brighten your skin and prevent the spots from appearing again. It is a concentrated formula made from a blend of artificial ingredients, which are supposedly good for clearing spots from your skin. 

#9) Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique claims that their Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is comparable to 4% hydroquinone (which is available only by prescription) for evening out skin tone and lightening dark spots, although Clinique's dark spot corrector may produce positive results for some people and we agree that the ingredients that make up their proprietary CL-302 complex are in fact documented and proven to have some skin lightening effects, we don't agree that the complex would be comparable to that of a prescribed hydroquinone based product and we have yet to see any real evidence of such a claim. 

#10) Burts Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector

Burts Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector offers a brightening action and claims to remove dark spots to give you a clearer and fresher skin. The daisy extracts are used in many cosmetic products given to its brightening effect. Though the trick lies in the effectiveness of its formulation with the other ingredients. According to us, the trick might be missing there. The product promises a bright and even complexion, which seems to be legit to some extent. The special ingredient of this product is its daisy extract. The extracts are derived from Daisies collected on the mountains in Macedonia. 

Revitol Dark Spot Remover
#3) Revitol Dark Spot Remover 

Revitol skin brightening cream is a specially formulated plant-based / herbal formula that aids in giving the user a beautiful and glowing complexion. Of the many skin brightening products in the market, Revitol Skin Brightener Cream is one of the best. Having been made using plant-based ingredients, it's very safe. It therefore can be used in lightening and brightening the skin especially when the spots in question are exceedingly troublesome. 
#11) Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment

The manufacturer promotes Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Treatment as a “silky emulsion” that has the potential to balance your complexion and visibly minimize the dark spots. It enhances the beauty of your skin. Its characteristic SELECTIV MELA SYSTEM™ formulation provides treatment for dark spots, and it also helps fight their recurrence. The product has also been advertised to be rich in antioxidants, which aims to clear any impurities in your skin. Consequently, your skin becomes better, day by day.

#12) DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer

DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer is your basic moisturizer composed from micro-radiance complex. It is aimed at helping to diminish the dark spots and other skin defects. SPF 15 is also present for protection from harmful UV rays, also preventing future discoloration. The product assists you to reclaim your natural radiance and even skin tone. The formula helps you achieve a younger and healthy looking skin. The moisturizer based on micro-radiance complex which keeps your skin moisturized and prevents hyperpigmentation.

#16) Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Serum

According to the manufacturer, Estée Lauder's dark spot correcting serum evens out the skin in less than two weeks. The serum helps to reduce the uneven skin tone with its comprehensive skin tone correcting formula. It not only reduces the appearance of blotchiness, redness and dark spots but it also refines the skin’s texture. Furthermore, it has been proven to be effective for all ethnicities and it helps restore and repair skin.

#13) GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex

This skincare product was basically established by the celebrity dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden to attend to all the skin problems. GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex is a concentrated dark spot remover which claims to contain alpha arbutin, combined with an anti-aging antioxidant, Red Tea, which helps to reduce the appearance of all skin related remedies such as age spots, dark spots, acne scars and sun damages etc. Apart from that, it also claims to include hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and alpha arbutin.

#14) Carita Haute Anti Age Spot Cream

This product is brought to you by Carita cosmetics line from Carita Paris. It is a luxury French brand for skin care products. Carita Haute Anti Age Spot Cream is basically your general beauty cream that claims to make your skin flawless by removing all kinds of ageing signs, including age spots. It also states to diminish blemishes and give your skin a fresh new texture.  

#17) DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Remover

DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Remover helps you reinvigorate your skin. You will be able to get the skin tone that you may have imagined in your dreams only. DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Remover eliminates the need of makeup by creating a beautiful skin tone. The triple action technology of the product, the appearance of the darks spots, uneven skin tone and irregularities such as dullness and blemishes, are visibly reduced.  

#15) Caudalie Premier Dark Spot Remover 

This product is brought to you by Carita cosmetics line from Carita Paris. It is a luxury French brand for skin care products. Carita Haute Anti Age Spot Cream is basically your general beauty cream that claims to make your skin flawless by removing all kinds of ageing signs, including age spots. It also states to diminish blemishes and give your skin a fresh new texture.  

#18) Arbonne Revelage Age Spot Minimizer 

Arbonne Revelage Age Spot Minimizer claims to have a superior formula with highly concentrated ingredients, which help you obtain a clear and brighter skin. The formula goes deep in to your skin to eliminate the discolorations and dark spots to give you a more even and brighter looking skin texture. We discovered that a few of the ingredients in the product do not go well with each other.  According to the manufacturer, the product is suitable for all skin types and colors.

#19) Bremenn Clinical Dark Spot Eraser

The features of the product state that it not only clears the dark spots but it also stops them from appearing again. The concentrated formula, which we are afraid might be too concentrated, requires only a single dab for application on skin. Bremenn Clinical Dark Spot Eraser comes in a 30 ml container. The manufacturer has claimed that the formula can be used for face, hands and any other body part. Most of these ingredients are commonly found in your regular ageing and dark spot removal creams and serums. So nothing ground breaking to be found here.

#20) Desert Pea Skin Bright Serum

The DesertPea Skin Bright Serum, is a concentrated active formula for intense skin treatment. The serum formula absorbs deeply in to the skin, to cleanse and treat your skin from the inside. It is especially effective for skin brightening and evening the skin tone by countering hyperpigmentation. The DesertPea Skin Bright Serum also has a moisturizing action that keeps your skin soft and healthy. It is suitable for all skin conditions including acne, aged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and rosacea. 

With an ever increasing number of dark spot removers, correctors and skin lightening creams being introduced into the marketplace figuring out the best one to purchase can be a difficult endeavor, here are the 25 top dark spot removers including our #1 pick for 2020.

Eliminate Dark Spots, Age Spots, Liver Spots, Acne Scars and Other Skin Discolorations ... Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

 >>> Eliminate Your Dark Spots For Good - CLICK HERE! <<<

#2) Zeta White Skin Lightener

Zeta White is a gentle skin lightening cream with powerful results. Made from all natural ingredients Zeta is a highly effective formula that is safe enough to use everyday unlike harsh bleaching creams that contain dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury.

Zeta white is best utilized as a 3 part system for maximum results however individual products can be used separately if desired, either way Zeta white's formula is effective at whitening your skin safely and naturally.
Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector
Floxia Disco Hyperpigmentation Cream
Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream Review
Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Remover
#21) Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector

The Diorsnow formula is claimed to activate a brightening mechanism from the inside of your skin, providing a broad whitening action. This has been made possible with the combination of Edelweiss and Mallow extracts with the Transparency Enhancing Complex. According to Dior, this is their best broadest action ever with a single serum in any of their products. It instantly corrects dark spots, and prevents them from recurring. The skin tone and texture is brightened and evened out
#22) Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream

Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream has been made to lighten any residual discoloration along with helping to control all the linked up blemishes. This creams multipurpose ingredients claim to aid in chronic red skin as well. It has been recommended for everyone with problematic skin types because of chronic redness and blemishes
#23) Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Remover 

The Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Remover (now known as Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector) claims to effectively minimize the appearance of uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It contains high doses of pure Vitamin C which gently works its way to remove traces of hyperpigmentation by breaking apart the discolored clusters and removing the dark spots for an even toned and brighter appearance.
Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel
#24) Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel

Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel enhances the complexion of the skin and gives it a glow with the help of Polyhydroxy and other skin brightening agents. The botanicals used in the product diminish the look of dark spots without the use of harsh bleaching agents. This brightening gel has no side effects assocciated with hydroquinone and it contains Vitamin C which exfoliates and smoothes discolored skin.
#25) Floxia Disco Hyperpigmentation Cream

This new Floxia Disco Hyperpigmentation Cream claims to have admirable bio-availability, and supports in the regulation of melanin production to correct dark spots caused by several skin issues. It claims to have the fighting power of multiple fruit acids combined with a blend of melanostatine-5 nonapeptide, vegawhite and pro activity of melanostatine-5 nonapeptide.
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Dark Spot Removers

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Hi there, Claire here!  And I'm here to tell you about a new generation dark spot remover that in my opinion is the very best on the market. If you're looking for a quality dark spot remover that will permanently and effectively remove your dark spots for good then you'll definitely want to continue reading this page...

​When the makers of MELADERM proposed a challenge to put their Dark Spot Remover  to the test I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical because I've spent countless hours researching and testing over 25 leading brands and none of them have ever worked as well as they advertised, so I honestly thought that they wouldn't be any different.
Zeta White Skin Lightener
meladerm bottle
Remedies – Are They Effective?

Although topical dark spot removers and correctors may be the best and most affordable way of dealing with skin discolorations, there are other available methods as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most widely used solutions and treatments:

  • Dark spot remover home remedies: Most of the time, these home remedies are the easiest to come by. Citrus juice application, a lemon and honey face mask or various scrubs made from citrus fruit can at times be mildly effective in fading dark skin spots.

  • Manual exfoliation: This method can also work to a certain extent; however, manual exfoliation is only able to target the top layers of the skin and you will certainly need a more effective method for deeper spots.

  • Laser treatment: With laser technology advancing on a daily basis, laser treatment has become a valid option as a dark spot treatment. However, despite its high rate of effectiveness, laser treatment still remains a very costly solution and out of reach for most people.

  • Chemical peels: (a.k.a Acid Peels) are another option but be prepared to undergo a post peel ugly period where the skin goes through a healing process. Chemical peels are very aggressive and often leave the skin red and irritated for sometimes weeks to months, plus the cost is generally more than what most people can afford.

While some of these methods may be more cost effective they can also be extremely time intensive and may yield poor results as is often seen with most home remedies and manual exfoliation, on the other hand good results may be achieved with the likes of chemical peels or laser treatments but for most people they simply are not an option. 
the top rated dark spot remover
Meladerm Dark Spot Remover