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If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my years in the beauty business, it’s that — when it comes to your looks — the smallest details can make a HUGE difference.

Now, you probably already know the basics of keeping your skin healthy during the summer — like staying hydrated, using lots of sunscreen, and not skimping on the moisturizer, otherwise you risk getting sun spots which may require the use of a dark spot remover like Beverly Hills MD dark Spot Corrector to get rid of them, or even worse sun damage may cause sagging or crepey skin requiring corrective creams such as Beverly Hills Md Crepe Correcting Body Complex  or their Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream.

But what you may not realize is that summer is tough on your lips too…

And even though it may seem like a ‘small detail’ — having plump, smooth, hydrated lips is KEY to looking your youthful best.

You see, just like the rest of your skin, your lips can be damaged and dried out by the sun’s rays…

Plus, air conditioning makes for a very dry environment, that can suck the moisture right out of your lips…

Leaving them cracked, creased, shriveled — and definitely not photo-ready.

So here are a few of my top tips for keeping your lips looking (and feeling) plump, soft, and healthy-looking — even when the weather isn’t on your side.

1. Give your lips a workout.

I’m not kidding — by strengthening certain muscles around your mouth, you can make your lips look fuller and more defined.6

And the best part is, you can do facial yoga whenever you have a spare moment. Here are my two favorite (and super easy) “lip-plumping exercises”:

  • Suck in a mouthful of air until your cheeks are full. Transfer air from one cheek to another, holding for 10 seconds on each side. Repeat 4-6 times. 

  • Tuck in your lips and smile as broadly as you can. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times. 

2: Apply a smoothing mask.

Mix a teaspoon of greek yogurt, a teaspoon of honey, and a squeeze of orange juice, and apply it to your lips. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

(It might be tempting, but try not to lick it off… licking your lips actually dries them out!)

The gentle exfoliating action will help keep your lips free of flakes and dry patches, for a smoother, softer look and feel.

3: Never stop nourishing.

During the summer, it’s extra important that EVERYTHING you put on your lips is nourishing and moisturizing.

cannot stress this enough. Even one jaunt in the sun with a drying lipstick or low-quality lip balm can leave your lips flaky, chapped, and wrinkled for days.

I don’t want you to miss out on your most gorgeous summer lips ever!

~Stay Beautiful,

Junior Editor

3 Advanced Tricks for Sexy Summer Lips

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