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The laser is popular in the beauty industry today although I haven’t tried it for a crepey skin. I just include it in my list for you to consider. The laser is available in the following flavors that help you reduce the appearance crepey skin as well as the loose skin on legs. The fractional, thermage, ReFirme and ablative. A new lipo technique called Cool Sculpt is also touted as an option for correcting a crepey face.

According to my research, from doctors using this technique, Laser has some shortcomings since it is time-consuming requiring multiple sessions while some are painful.

On lasers, I would conclude that they are ideal for the face but inappropriate for the rest of the body. Please note this is just my opinion, should you get a laser done on your body, kindly let me k now the results to enable me to report on your experience.

​Collagen peptides

The collagen peptide supplement is a popular choice since it adopts a beauty from within approach to deal with crepey skin. Collagen is also fundamental for skin flexibility. Other peptide supplements have been clinically demonstrated to expand collagen thickness, skin hydration, and rebuilding which prompts smoother skin on your body. This way, a crepey skin will be a past tense, and as a reward, fewer wrinkles on your face.


For you to rid your skin of dry and dead sediments, it is necessary to brush your entire body with a loofah sponge or a boar bristle brush. The immediate effect will be a fresh young looking skin.

Another source of collagen is exfoliating. When the skin is excessively exfoliated, it considers it as an attack, prompting it to produce more collagen as a defense mechanism. A high collagen component makes the skin smooth and attractive.

Sugar scrub is also one of my preferred exfoliator since it offers the following benefits. Sugar contains the alpha-hydroxy acid which has been scientifically proven to shed off dead skin cells and fade skin discoloration (which makes a good alternative to a dark spot remover). Besides, sugar easily attracts moisture which is my fourth best solution to a crepey skin.


Gelattin is my second choice for repairing a crepey skin. It is termed as the original super food since it contains the unique amino acids profile, containing 18 amino acids (9 essential). Gelattin is important since it supports detoxification, and skin beauty. It also helps enhance since it is normally tied to water and aids easier movement of food through the digestive system. Besides, Gelattin provides the dietary collagen and the tryptophan-free proteins containing muscle repair and recovery amino acids. Lastly, gelattin helps in body weight management.

Consequently, Gelatin naturally possesses radiant skin beauty benefits such as smoothing, firming and skin tightening. I usually take one tablespoon of gelattin before meals every morning and sometimes at night because it enhances my sleep.

Triple K is the easy convenient and tasty way to obtain the gelattin supplements for the body. It is natural beverage mix containing 60 calories and 11g of collagen proteins.


This is one of the best products I would recommend to anybody.Let me tease you a bit. Kindly have a look at your arm right away. You will note that it looks crepey, dry and with sun spots. It is because your arm has been exposed to the sun.

Again, look keenly at your derriere and think about it. Does the look of your derriere resemble your arms appearance? Do you have sunspots or crepey skin on your bottom? Though your bottom may have a few dimples, I still believe that it is still smooth and a bit younger and moisturized than your arms. This is because your buttocks may not have been exposed to the sun.

Just a sunscreen. There are a variety of sunscreen brands available in the market today. You can just take yours today. Many people always go for a natural sunscreen where no chemical is used to protect you from the sun. However, you may opt for the one that has the moisturizer and anti-aging components if you want to derive double benefits.


Moisturizing your skin regularly will always help keep off a crepey skin. Consequently, maintaining a dry and crackly skin only hastens your aging. Always treat your skin with Shea butter, Jojoba oil, peptides or ceramides containing moisturizers or you can directly apply the conventional anti-aging oils.

To ensure that the skin adequately absorbs the product, always ensure that you remove the dead skin before the application of nay of the moisturizers. The ideal way is first to clean the skin and then apply the moisturizer to enhance product absorption.Other advanced creams containing alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acids and retinol's are usually available for not just moisturizing, but skin tightening as well as shedding off dead skin cells.

According to the FDA publication, a cream base cosmetic prompted the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) to penetrate deeper into the skin. The paper indicated that the ideal and safe moisturizing cream to fight a crepey skin should contain a 10% alpha-hydroxy acids level. A higher level should only be upon the recommendation of a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or MedSpa.


When you engage in exercises, your muscle tightens and develops strength and becomes tighter as your skin. Cedric Bryant, the Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise, noted that strength training enables the development of a layer of muscle underneath the skin thereby stiffens the muscles. This results in the skin becoming tighter.

Most notably, exercises such as Yoga and circuit training which are weight bearing can have a drastic improvement of the crepey skin. Being a Yoga fan, I am aware that it has body, spirit and mind benefits combined in one discipline. Yoga also helps you to get increased flexibility and strength training. Yoga reduced my crepey skin appearance on the interior of my elbows and above my knees.

Stay Beautiful,


8 Tips for Getting Rid of Crepey Skin

Senior Editor
After a thorough research on various ways of reducing crepey skin, I have decided to share with you what I found to be some of the best solutions. 

First and foremost, check out my Beverly Hills MD Crepe Correcting Body Complex Review, it is my all time favorite Tip for eliminating crepey skin, for me there is no better solution!

Other soutions you may want to consider include:
crepey skin