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Product Review: Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion

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Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion is a product from Alpha Light cosmetics line. It claims to be a suitable remedy for skin discoloration and gaining a brighter and even skin tone. It is composed of micro-whitening crystal that can be found in micro-dermabrasion machine treatment. However, you get the treatment in lesser price than micro-dermabrasion machines and you can manage the pressure. It also contains herbal skin lightening extracts that give a glowing look to your skin.

Your skin needs to react to the beauty product in order to change that is what takes place with physical abrasion techniques that involve removing dead epithelial skin cell layer. You can do it more easily with Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion. 

The product aims to providing your skin a spa like treatment at your home. It has a cream action formula that covers your skin and gently removes the epithelial cells that are dead and not required. Its micro-dermabrasion action is seemingly good and suitable for removing dead skin cells.


For those of you who are not familiar with this cosmetic procedure, here are some insights. Micro-dermabrasion is a light cosmetic treatment procedure which is used for skin exfoliation. This technique uses a mechanical medium, which removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells from epidermis. Micro-dermabrasion procedure consists of two parts. First parts involve exfoliating material made of crystal like flakes, and the second part is the use of a machine that lifts the upper skin during exfoliation with a suction action. The process is non-invasive. It is generally performed in skin care clinics by trained skin treatment professionals. Several cosmetic products also provide this service without the need of mechanical treatment. These cosmetic creams consist of crystal flakes which exfoliate and remove the outer dead skin layer. 

Not on our Recommended list

This product possesses a good technique for exfoliation of your skin. However, the formula is not very ground-breaking. The product is available at a price of $28. It is not very economical as compared to other dark spot removers we have found, but affordable for some. The supported skin types include normal, dry, oily and also a combination of two skin types. The manufacturer has not laid any claim to be applicable for sensitive skin types. The targeted consumers of this product are people between the ages of 20 and 60 plus, so pretty much every one. Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion is an average product focused on treating skin discoloration and lightening the skin without Hydroquinone.  

Skin discoloration and darkening are hard to deal with. It gives your skin a dull look. This is generally caused by a dead layer of epithelial cells on your skin. The dead epithelial cells cause other kinds of skin damage too, if not removed timely. There are many products in the market that claim to treat skin discoloration and darkening effects by removing dead epithelial cells from your skin. Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion is a product with a similar claim.
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Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion