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BEWARE of Overpriced Department Store Crepe Correcting Creams that Make Bogus Claims and False Promises...

...I'm Happy to Say "Beverly Hills MD Crepe Correcting Body Complex" Does What It Claims  -  It Flat Out Works!
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My Personal Review of Beverly Hills MD Crepe Correcting Body Complex 

“Crepey” skin is skin that just looks… bad. It’s saggy, wrinkly, and tends to be very rough and dry. Moisturizer doesn’t work on crepey skin, and the lackluster appearance of it is very noticeable if you aren’t covering up.

It seems that crepey skin is accepted by most as an inevitable part of aging - but that’s not entirely true. Crepey skin is actually caused by three main factors: stress, sunlight exposure, and a bad skin care regimen when you were younger. If you had done everything correctly, you would not have crepey skin.

But if you’re like me, you made some mistakes, and you are now stuck with crepey skin. Rest assured there is a way to fix it if you are willing to put the effort in. I personally fixed my crepey skin with “Crepe Correcting Body Complex” by Beverly Hills MD. Almost as if by magic, over a span of 12 weeks, my crepey skin turned back to looking healthy and attractive. I am sooooo impressed!

This is my review of Crepe Correcting Body Complex. It might not be for everyone! But, If you are anything like me, it may very well be the solution you are looking for. Continue on to learn about the cream and my personal experience with it.

How It Makes Crepey Skin Normal Again

I’m not someone who trusts the marketing. Though it is appealing to buy into the promises of health products, that’s usually a dead end. Most won’t work - you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

So, I did quite a bit of research before I bought a jar. I learned there are two primary components of the cream. They work together in conjunction to heal crepey skin completely over time.

  • 1. HydraFirm -  This component is focused on penetrating crepey skin and getting moisture into it. The ingredients combine soothing properties of healthy fruits and veggies (like watermelon and lentil) to get past the tough moisture resistance of crepey skin. Regular moisturizer cannot hydrate crepey skin like HydraFirm can!

  • 2. Niacinamide -  Hydration is just the start - you need to heal your crepey skin as well. That’s what Niacinamide does. It boosts your collagen and protein synthesis levels so that your crepey skin begins to “function” like your healthy skin does.

There are more ingredients than just those two, but HydraFirm and Niacinamide are the main components. If you’d like, you can view the full ingredient list on the official site (about halfway down the page).

Knowing that Crepe Correcting Body Complex was more than just marketing hype, I decided to take the plunge and order a jar. I bought one jar to start from the official website (it’s cheapest there). 

Honestly, when I ordered, I wasn’t completely confident that it would work - nothing up until this point had. But I was pleasantly surprised!

My 12 Week Experience with Crepe Correcting Body Complex

My order arrived in the mail just three days after I made the purchase. 

I’m mentioning this because in my experience, health products usually take forever to ship. This was a nice deviation from that.

Also, everything was packed very professionally. I had ordered products in the past that had arrived in plain brown boxes. When opened, the product was just sitting there inside the box… and that was it. Crepe Correcting Body Complex, on the other hand, was packaged very neatly. And it included step-by-step instructions on how much to apply and when... a good start!

Week 1 - Week 4

I didn’t notice much visual skin improvement in the first few weeks, but I did notice that my crepey skin started to feel better - especially right after I used the cream.

If you have crepey skin, you know that it feels rough to the touch… almost like it’s “dead”. It’s like the skin is on your body, but it’s not a part of you... if that makes sense.

After I used Crepe Correcting Body Complex for a month, that unpleasant “dead” sensation went away.

  • 1. My crepey skin felt really, really good. It was almost euphoric. If you have ever gone days without using moisturizer and then applied it to your overly-dry skin, you know what I’m talking about. My crepey skin felt refreshed, hydrated, smoother, and just good.

  • 2. My crepey skin seemed to be “adjusting” to work with the rest of my skin. Don’t get me wrong - it was still a bit rough and wrinkly. But I could feel the skin starting to come back to normal by how it felt in comparison to my healthy skin.

The real magic started in the middle of my fourth week of usage. I kept a daily calendar of how my skin felt, and right around day 25 was when things started improving in a serious way.

Week 4 - Week 8

The “feel good” aspect of Crepe Correcting Body Complex continued into week 4 to week 8. But during this period, I also noticed results in terms of skin appearance.

  • Wrinkles were disappearing. I frankly didn’t believe it at first. I thought I was just having a few “good days”. But I started taking pictures along with my daily calendar, and sure enough, the wrinkles were becoming less pronounced every week... and even disappearing entirely!

  • Roughness was turning smooth. My skin started to feel totally healthy. My crepey skin started off being very, very rough - I think I had “severe crepey skin”, if that’s a thing. By week 8, I would estimate the crepey parts had reverted back to being 80% as smooth as the rest of my skin was.

  • Still crepey… but barely noticeable! By week 8, I hadn’t completely fixed my crepey skin. It was still there - not noticeable anymore, but still present. I decided to pick up another tub and continue on.

Week 8 - Week 12

Progress was slower during week 8 to week 12, but still consistent. Like I said, I think 80% of the progress was made in week 1 to week 8. Week 8 to week 12 was the “finishing touch” I needed to get to 100%.

  • Crepey wrinkles were GONE. I’m in my 60s, so I (of course) have some wrinkles here and there. But I had gotten rid of my crepey wrinkles - the gross, unnatural ones. My skin looked as healthy as possible for someone in her 50s!

  • Crepey areas were COMPLETELY SMOOTH. This was a big one for me! I hated touching my crepey skin, and I was terribly self-conscious when my husband would touch it, even though he claimed it wasn’t a big deal. Now, when I run my fingers over my previously-crepey areas, I can’t tell the difference between them and the rest of my healthy skin. Perfect!

  • I had GENUINELY FIXED MY CREPEY SKIN. Frankly, I was in shock for a few days. I had crepey skin for years before I tried Crepe Correcting Body Complex. I had to take a few days to process my success!

Overall, it wasn’t complicated - I applied the cream once or twice per day, as per the instructions, and that was it. But my results were spectacular!

Best Way to Buy

As I mentioned at the start of this review, there is no way to say for sure that Crepe Correcting Body Complex will work for everyone. But I can say it definitely worked for me, and the ingredients within are scientifically sound. 

I don’t recommend products often, but I feel very comfortable recommending Crepe Correcting Body Complex to any man or woman who wants to cure his or her crepey skin.

The best way to buy is from the official page. You get the lowest price (trust me, I looked around), shipping is fast and free, and, as I mentioned, everything is neatly packaged with helpful step-by-step instructions.

You can order 1, 2, or 3 jars at a time. I personally ordered one jar to star because I wasn’t sure if it would work. But if I had to do it over again, I would definitely order three at once - it’s a much better deal, and regardless of which option you choose, there is always a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So if the cream doesn’t fix your crepey skin, you can just request a refund and the money will be back in your bank account within a few days... I like that!

If you’re still on the fence, the official page has more information on Crepe Correcting Body Complex, too - like the ingredient list and more. Click here to navigate there now. I can only cover so much in this review.

About the Creator of Beverly Hills MD Crepe Correcting Body Complex

Before I conclude my review, I would like to touch on one last point - the creator of Crepe Correcting Body Complex. There are a lot of sketchy skincare creams out there manufactured by sketchy companies! Crepe Correcting Body Complex is not one of those.

It is formulated by Dr. John Layke, a practicing plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He has a few different skin care products and they all have excellent reviews. I even looked up his practice before I made the purchase and he has flawless reviews from his clients, too.

This guy knows his stuff. You’re not buying marketing in a jar, and you’re not buying from some weird offshore company. You’re buying from an established doctor with a track record of success. That was very important to me, so I wanted to let my readers know.

I wish you the best of luck! Remember that crepey skin isn’t an inevitable part of aging. Do something about it and you can restore your skin back to normal in three months or less - I Promise!

Stay Beautiful,
Senior Editor
Price: $39.00 (Discount Offer)