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It has come to my attention that Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector on Amazon is being sold by a 3rd part retailer at a grossly inflated price

It's important for you to know that this retailer has no affiliation with Beverly Hills MD and they are acting purely on their own accord while marking up the product up by nearly 200%

The product is being Shipped from and sold by LilaBeauty and their current price on is a whopping $139.95 + $5.49 shipping

I just want to make sure that nobody is under the impression that this is being sold by Beverly Hills MD and gets sucked into to paying this outlandish price on

Buy only from the Beverly Hills MD Official Web Site and pay as little as $49.99 each!
​I have attached a screen shot below of the Beverly Hills Dark Spot Corrector Amazon listing for your reference

As you can see, this Amazon listing for Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector is way over-priced and should be avoided... why pay more!

Visit Beverly Hills MD Official Web Site Here

Stay Beautiful,

​​Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Amazon - Consumer Warning, Do Not Buy It On Amazon

Senior Editor
Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Amazon image