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As a woman, I understand the struggle of dealing with different kinds of spots. There’s not much that is worse than when you start showing spots on your skin. It is a great blow to your self-confidence. The basic reason behind the appearance of spots, is a dead outer layer of skin cells that deposits on your skin and causes harm to it. It is important to remove this layer to avoid skin abnormalities like dark spots, age spots, blemishes, skin discoloration etc. For this, you need a trusty skin care product, which will remove all the impurities, rejuvenate your skin and lock in its natural glow. 
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Product Review: Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector

Product Rating:
The trouble is that there are just too many skin care beauty products in the market. You never know which one to choose, as they all look more or less the same, and offer similar claims. With this review, I bring you an unbiased look at one of the notable spot correcting skin care products, Chanel’s Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector. Let’s have a look at its claims and more, to decide whether it is good for you or not. 

Product Introduction:

Under the popular brand name Chanel, comes this skin care spot corrector beauty product named Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector. One must think that such a big brand cannot go wrong with its beauty product but we’ll see about it later. The product aims at treating all kinds of spots to brighten your skin and prevent the spots from appearing again. 

It is a concentrated formula made from a blend of artificial ingredients, which are supposedly good for clearing spots from your skin. The company is wildly popular, but you cannot contact them about the product, and there is not much information either. 

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  • You can get free samples from some stores and online forums. 
  • You get free shipping facility. 
  • It comes from a line of skin care products. 
  • The brand name is recognized worldwide. 


  • There is no cash back policy, through returns are accepted. 
  • The ingredients are not natural, and high on artificial chemicals.
  • All the ingredients in the product are not disclosed.
  • Product is not backed with scientific research. 
  • The product is not at all cost-efficient. 
  • Results are not as effective, as you would expect. 
  • The formulation is not very innovative or unique. 

Final Verdict:

Sure, the product comes under the brand name of Chanel, but the company doesn’t take much responsibility for the product. There is no online support, no contact info or not even some useful information. It is a frustrating and a main concern of mine that the company like Chanel has not even provided a disclosed list of ingredients involved in the product. I will surely not treat my skin with something I am not sure about. 

Moreover, the results derived from Chanel’s Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector were not very impressive either. Comparing the results with the pricing, you get yourself an overpriced product which doesn’t do much different than a regular skin care product. If you are looking for the perfect skin care product for yourself, you are in luck, as we brought you other more efficient beauty products!

rated 3 and half star
Chanel Targeted Whitening Spot Corrector