If you’ve never heard of Christie Brinkley then you’ve surely been living under a rock, but it’s okay, because today you’ll learn all about her. Ever since the 1970’s she’s been in the eye of publicity and she’s been named the most attractive woman alive more than once. Now she’s in her sixties and still shining, for which she has a couple of secrets, and we can steal some of them through using her new skincare line as outlined in this in-depth Christie Brinkley Skin Care Review.

Who is Christie Brinkley?

Christie Brinkley started out her career as a model back in 1973 when she was discovered by an America photographer. Her model career quickly took off when she landed on the cover of multiple magazines and landed a contract with Covergirl that ended up lasting 25 years. She eventually landed on 500 covers in total and had contracts with major labels. She also did a bit of acting and had a major role in the musical Chicago. She’s been married to four men and after these four marriages she now has three children and is single once again. In her later years she also received various awards for her advocation for animal and environment rights and for raising awareness about nuclear radiation and the ocean safety. She’s in her sixties now but still looks as beautiful as she ever did, and she has some good skincare to thank for this, partially at least. She said it herself, 60 is the new 40, and her skincare promises to keep anyone’s skin looking young for as long as possible. So, let us take a look at the different products.

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Introducing Christie Brinkley’s New Skincare Line

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What the skincare line promises us

To keep your skin looking as good as Christie’s a few features need to be present of which the first is some good anti-aging. Her products contain the Bio-Copper Complex™ that keeps your skin looking vibrant and prevents wrinkles. Protection from the sun is also incredibly important, as sun damage cannot give you dark spots and wrinkles but could even cause skin cancer. Christie’s products all contain good sun protection to keep your skin safe. The night products in her line are made for repairing and healing your skin at night, and the ingredients in these night products enhance the natural repairing properties of your skin.

The products

The first product is a day cream that doubles as an anti-aging cream and is even recommend using each day by the skin cancer foundation. This day cream achieves its results with the Bio-copper complex and some added vitamin C along with other extracts
As you’d expect there is a complimentary night cream which has bio-clock activation, this means that this night cream enhances your skin’s natural healing. It will hydrate and restore the skin along with working its anti-aging magic.

Exfoliation is an important part of the daily beauty routine, but not everyone executes this step while you really should. The skin exfoliator will keep your pores open and your skin looking vibrant. It’s a gentle exfoliator so it’s perfect for daily use.

Washing your face twice a day is an incredibly important part of your skincare routine, if not the most important. This face wash will cleanse your skin properly while also moisturizing it and soothing it.

If you want to target wrinkles around your eyes directly then the Close up Instant Wrinkle Remover & Treatment will target these perfectly. Your eye area will be illuminated and the skin will be tighter.

Christie Brinkley's New Skincare Line
All in all, this is probably one of the best anti-aging skin care lines out there, although you would need to try for yourself to see the real benefits. But we have Christie’s own beautiful face to prove that her skincare works. 
Christie Brinkley in 2017