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Are you dealing with dark spots? This is a very common skin related problem that most women suffer from. It is not easy to deal with such a skin related problem as they reduce your self-confidence. Your natural look is compromised and your face starts to drain of all its glow. Ultimately you resort to make up for covering up the dark spots. Although it can temporarily make the problem go away, but it’s definitely not the answer to it. 
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Product Review: City Cosmetics Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector

Product Rating:
For someone who is dealing with such a situation, it is highly difficult to look for a skin care product to cure the skin issue. These beauty products promise you the world and then leave you running out of money with no particular results. This happens because usually you fall for the wrong kind of product due to not having enough information about it. We bring you reviews for the notable skin care products online, so that you can avoid making a wrong choice and choose what is best for you. This time we will be reviewing City Cosmetics’ Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. ​

Introducing City Cosmetics’ Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector:

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector has been formulated by City cosmetics, a renowned name in the cosmetics field. The company is based just out of the Salt Lake City in Utah. The manufacturer has managed to maintain an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

City Cosmetics’ Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector uses concentrated formulation of enzymes to break up pigment deposits on your skin. They product is aimed to treat all signs of dark spots and preventing them from appearing again. 

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Product Claims:

  • Brightens the skin tone. 
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  • Treats age spots, acne scars, sun spots, liver spots and blemishes.  
  • Protects against UV ray effects.
  • Reduces discoloration effects. 
  • Prevents dark spots from appearing again by absorbing excessive pigmentation. 
  • Absorbs and functions quickly in the discolored skin areas and dark spots. 
  • Nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

How to Use:
rated 3 and half star
City Cosmetics Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector
The product is supposed to be applied directly to the affected area for intense lightening repair treatment. For prevention of spots or to add glow to your skin, apply directly to face and neck. Use a small pea-sized drop of the product and apply in circular strokes moving slowly in to upwards direction. The product is recommended for use at night.

Final Verdict:

The Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector seems to be one of the better products in the market due to its rating with BBB, but that can be manipulated. The main complaint we found from the users was its failure to work. The product is overpriced even though the price has been kept intentionally lower than few of the other prominent skin care products. Moreover, no research proof can be found on the company’s website to support their claims, which supports the major complaint of the product failing to work.

Due to lack of concrete research evidence, this product is not highly recommended. This is why we have brought you some other reliable dark spot removers