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Skin abnormalities like dark spots, age spots, acne, blemishes, uneven skin tone etc. are nothing less than a living nightmare for women. We women have a need of self-assurance to carry ourselves around in the world. We need to look good to feel good. When such skin abnormalities come along, due to pollution, water deficiency, skin damage and other reasons, we begin to start panicking and losing our confidence. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many skin care products in the market, which promise to help you fight these skin problems. We bring you reviews for the top of the line beauty products, so that you can look for the best one according to your needs. Here, we bring you an honest and unbiased review for the Clarins’ Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum. 
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Product Review: Clarins’ Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum

Product Rating:
Introducing Clarins’ Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum:

Clarins is particularly a French cosmetic product line with skin care products as well. The beginnings of the brand reach back in 1954. Founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins started formulation of plant-based skin care product treatments for his customers.

Clarins’ has attempt to contest, through Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum, with the most recent skin lightening and brightening beauty products by Lancome, CliniqueEstee Lauder and Olay. Clarins Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum formulation looks promising, but the results are not comparable to the intended competitor products by a great margin. 

Top 3 rated dark Spot removers
Key Product Claims:

  • Targeted action on skin’s dermis layer to restore deep luminosity.
  • Corrects dark spots. 
  • Correct age spots. 
  • Minimized dullness of the complexion.
  • Balances the tone and complexion of the skin.
  • Reduces age signs by removing lines and wrinkles.

Research Claims:

  • 99%- The percentage of women who found the formula to be safe for use and bearable.
  • 84%: The percentage of women who mentioned that their skin became firmer.
  • 71%: The percentage of women who found their dark spots to be visibly reduced.
  • 57%: The percentage of women who claimed that their wrinkles had decreased. 
  • 85%: The percentage of women who stated that their complexion became fairer and more radiant. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Hexylresorcinol is a dark spot reducing agent that is used in pharmaceutical products. It is a naturally found element and safe.
  • Spergularia that is used to even the skin tone.
  • Waltheria and Cochlearia repairs dullness of complexion, provides luminosity to skin and minimizes ageing signs. 

Final Verdict:

As much as the manufacturer has tried to compete with the big names of the cosmetic market, their formula lacks the efficacy required to contend with them. The results are not worth the price tag. You can find a much better product for much less price. The brand has offered some good products in skin care genre, but this one fails to make a mark. Though they have boasted of research results, no evidence could be found to support them. 

The bottom line is that we strive hard to bring you the cream from a line of skin care products. We understand that this product is not up to the mark for your needs. This is why we have brought you other skin care products which showed better results when applied. 

Clarins’ Vital Light Spot Correcting Serum
2 star rating