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DIY Anal Bleaching — Lightening Your Anus Yourself at Home

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In today’s day and age people have gone crazy over their body image. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are playgrounds for people wanting to post selfies, it’s a little much if you ask me – but hey, I guess I’m just old school.

One particular body part that people are obsessing over is their bum, that’s right women and men are obsessed with their butts, so much so that they are going as far as to bleach their butt holes to match the surrounding skin, some might refer to it as a Lilly-white ass.

Anal bleaching isn’t just for porn stars anymore, it has also become all the rage among Hollywood celebrities and as such the craze has filtered down to everyday ordinary people because we like to do what the Hollywood celebs do… don’t ask me why, but it’s a fact!

Now keep in mind that anal bleaching is nothing new, in fact as I mentioned earlier actors and actresses in the porn industry have been bleaching their intimate areas for years, it mostly started when Brazilian waxing became fashionable, as people began to notice just how dark the anal and vaginal skin is once all the surrounding hair was removed.

With so much interest in anal bleaching many salons and spas have added the procedure to their list of services, and companies who manufacture dark spot removers have also jumped on the bandwagon and have begun developing creams and serums that are designed to be used on your most intimate and delicate body parts.

Now unless you don’t have a shy bone in your body and you’ve got money to burn and can afford to have your anus bleached in a salon or spa then I would suggest the DIY approach with a quality anal bleaching cream as seen in this AMAIRA Review, as it is quite effective, much, much cheaper and of course not at all embarrassing.
With having skin lighteners for intimate areas at your disposal this new anal bleaching trend is not just for the upper-crust anymore, anyone with a few bucks to spare and a little time to invest can now have a porcelain ass hole – if that’s what you’re looking to achieve.

But before you go rubbing any old skin lightener on your lady parts (or man parts) I suggest you do your homework as there are several things you need to know about anal bleaching and the creams that claim to work on your sensitive areas.

How do anal bleaching creams work?

While that practice of using a bleaching cream on ones butt hole has become known as “anal bleaching,” it is actually not a bleach in the true sense of the word but rather a skin lightening cream designed to reduce the amount of pigment in the area it’s being applied to, this is achieved by preventing the development of melanin which is what causes the dark pigmentation in the skin around your anus.

The lightening cream’s active ingredients are absorbed through the skin to the third layer known as the Hypodermis where it stops the production of Melanin, so as your body naturally exfoliates dead skin cells it also exfoliates the pigment within those cells, and then new skin cells are produced at the Hypodermis level containing less pigmentation which your body eventually pushes to the uppermost level of your skin known as the epidermis and the result is a much lighter skin tone at the surface.

Best Anal Bleaching Cream

What Are the Best DIY Anal Bleaching Creams?

Anal Bleaching Cream
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Ingredients to look for in a DIY anal bleaching cream

Active ingredients vary from product to product but two skin lightening ingredients that have stood the test of time particularly when used for anal bleaching are known as Kojic Acid (a by-product of Japanese rice wine) and Alha-Arbutin. Both ingredients have been used for 1000’s of years to whiten skin, not only are they effective on all body parts including your most intimate areas they are also very safe

How long do anal bleaching creams take to lighten your anus?

The length of time it takes to lighten your anus will depend on the skin lightening cream that you are using, some brands such as Amaira Intimate lightening Serum claim to begin lightening your intimate areas in as little as 3-4 weeks however the average time needed to achieve full results is generally 6-8 weeks and then it is just a matter of using the cream a couple times a week for maitainance. For more information about Amaira please check out our our Amaira review where we delve into the reasons why we have chosen it as our #1 recommended Anal bleaching cream.
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We have researched and reviewed the top 4 anal bleaching creams in today’s market and have written about them in our RevitaPink Review, Biofade Review, Pink Privates Review and Amaira Review. So when bleaching your own anus at home we recommend that you do your research before purchasing an appropriate lightening cream as not all anal bleaching creams are created equal.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, there can be side effects if you choose the wrong lightening cream particularly if it contains Hydroquinone which is an ingredient that many skin lightening creams contain and should NEVER, EVER be applied to your intimate body parts, in fact I would caution using it on any of your skin as the side effects can be serious.

However the fact that you are reading this article indicates to me that you are doing your due diligence, and if you use a quality lightening cream such as AMAIRA you can rest assured that there will be NO side effects as it only contains all-natural ingredients free of Hydroquinone and formulated specifically for your most sensitive areas.

So if you’re ready to venture into the world of anal bleaching we suggest taking the more convenient DIY approach to avoid any embarrassment and to save on your pocket book as well.

~ Good luck and stay beautiful

Can you bleach your Anus at Home?

Yes, totally! Not only can you bleach your Anus at home but research indicates that most people would rather bleach their intimate areas at home versus facing the embarrassment associated with bleaching ones anus, vagina, nipples or penile area in a spa, salon or dermatologist’s office.

DIY anal bleaching has become quite popular as people are looking to keep everything neat and tidy down there, not only for themselves but for their partners as well. During intimate moments it is often more arousing to see a pinkish butthole VS one that is pigmented, and the same can be said for other intimate body parts.

Do-It-Yourself anal bleaching is really quite simple and is just a matter of following the manufacturer’s directions which usually involves 2 applications daily for a period of up to 12 weeks (depending on the brand)