You can slough, peel, brighten, cover or even point a laser at them, but there's only one way to truly deal with dark spots once and for all. Trust us, we know! 

After an exhaustive study of spot-eradicating products on the market, our research has amassed the largest scientific body of dark spot corrector reviews available.... all for your benefit.

Here's What Our Research Revealed...

Know what we found? That there's no one single ingredient that achieves everything for your spots. Rather, a combination of ingredients is what does the trick of evening out skin that's suffered hyperpigmentation, Melasma, and Chloasma faciei.

If you want a truly effective dark spot remover, the best product is one which combines a wide variety of the most effective, safest ingredients proven to lighten, brighten, reduce and prevent dark spots.

The second thing we discovered was a little surprising...

Not many people know this, but there are several factors which can make or break a product, and they have nothing to do with ingredients. In fact, in all the dark spot corrector reviews we studied, only one product even mentioned these factors at all!

These factors involve the way the product is handled during the manufacturing process, and how it's stored and dispensed once it leaves the lab. Quality control is key, since great care must be taken to ensure the freshness of ingredients. Exposure to light and to air will cause active ingredients to deteriorate and lose potency, so not only the manufacturing process but also the dispensing containers must also be 100% top quality.

Armed with this knowledge, we've assembled this handy guide to finding the best dark spot corrector. From testimonials to Doctor recommendations to clinical research, the reviews don't lie. Here's what they say, in the following 10 things you should look for in dark spot correctors that work

From the Dark Spot Corrector Reviews: What Works

  • 1) Beware of the single-approach products: exfoliators.  

How you got your dark spots determines what will work on them. Hyperpigmentation can be from dead skin cells, in which case some daily exfoliation will help. Some dark spot removers only exfoliate but unless the cause of your spots is dead skin cells, they won't do what you need.

  • 2) Beware of the single-approach products: skin brighteners.  

  Same here: brighteners like Vitamin c just brighten everything so the dark spots look lighter but they 
  won't go away.

  • 3) Look for rigorously tested products: effectiveness.  

You want science-backed results and ingredients which have been proven to work.

  • 4) Look for rigorously tested products: safety.  

Nobody wants to be the "guinea pig" for a product- look for one that's been on the market for several years with no reports of harmful side effects.

  • 5) Look for a product that addresses dark spots that are deep down.  

An exfoliator only gets the spots on the surface.

  • 6) Look for airless dispensing technology

Most products use a pump which lets in air- this will cause the product to deteriorate. Airless technology costs more, which is why very few brands use it.

  • 7) Look for a manufacturing facility in the U.S.  

This ensures a high level of quality control necessary to keep fragile ingredients fresh and effective.

  • 8) Look for a money-back guarantee.  

If a company doesn't stand behind its product, that's a bad sign.

  • 9) Avoid hydroquinone, mercury, steriods and parabens.  

All are bad for you.

  • 10) Look for a product which offers you access to plenty of scientific studies regarding its ingredients.  

A company should stand behind its claims and provide evidence for anyone who wants to look deeper into the ingredients.

It All Boiled Down to Just One Product!

There are tons of dark spot removal creams out there - so you'd think there would be a lot to choose from, even after running them through our 10-point list. Surprisingly, however, after all the dark spot corrector we tested, only one product met our standards.

The Product was: SkinBright

Amazingly, this spot removal complex meets or exceeds every criteria on the list you see above. Not only that, but you can read for yourself the incredible results women of all ages have experienced after just two weeks.

The only dark spot corrector with a total of 17 active ingredients, providing you with everything you need to even out skin tone for a refreshed, renewed, more youthful look.

Only one that has airless dispensers and is Made in the U.S.A. in labs subject to the highest standards of quality control.

  • The only product that provides complete access to clinical studies on its ingredients and offers a 60 day money-back guarantee.

  • Has been rated #1 in the skin care industry for over 10 years.

  • Truly, the only dark spot corrector​ that works as it claims.

If clear, even skin sounds like a dream to you, SkinBright is only a click away. To begin your skincare regimen today, simply click here and you'll see beautiful, even skin in as little as 2 weeks.

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