Dark spots, also called hyper-pigmentation, frequently occur as people age, and while there are numerous products on the market that claim to help reduce and minimize the look of these age spots, there are distinct advantages to some products over others.
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Dark Spot Remover for Black Skin - Minimizing Dark Spots

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Trissa Walker
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Why Skip the Traditional Dark Spot Remover for Black Skin

For years, men and women have turned to dangerous chemical peels, laser therapy and prescription bleaching creams made with hydroquinone to address dark spots on black skin. These solutions can cause more problems, though. Not all skin can withstand some of these harsh or intense treatments.
Chemical Peels Can Inflame

Chemical peels can be expensive in a doctor’s office. While there are do-it-yourself products you can buy online or over-the-counter, people run the risk of applying chemicals to their skin that are simply too strong. These products can inflame skin and actually make hyper-pigmentation worse. Peeling skin, redness, and other kinds of irritation can only exacerbate the problem.

Laser Therapy Can be Expensive

Laser therapy is another treatment that’s frequently limited in its availability. It’s an expensive process, and a time-consuming one. Men or Women with dark skin who want to address hyper-pigmentation need to work with a skin care professional and book appointments, travel to the skin care facility, and let’s face it, pay a pretty high premium for treatment. And multiple visits may be required. While all of that can be off-putting, the real problem is that laser treatments are not usually recommended for dark-skinned men or women.

The laser treatment itself causes mild burns to the skin and can make hyper-pigmentation worse, and actually lead to a loss of pigmentation completely, in the treated area. That’s not really fixing the problem, now, is it?

Prescription Solutions Can Be Risky

Prescription creams that are made with hydroquinone have been used to help dark-skinned people with dark spots. Black people with hyper-pigmentation run the risk of additional skin damage and irritation with these creams. Hydroquinone is a pretty powerful ingredient; but there are some pretty significant side effects, too. Usage is strictly limited to the affected area, and even when product directions are followed, itching, burning, and even blisters can appear. Not pretty! And that’s even before you get into the hassle of regular doctor’s appointments for prescriptions and refills, and trips to the pharmacy to obtain the products.

Skin Deep

There’s an old saying that beauty is only skin deep. But that’s exactly why people who have darker skin and black skin face unique challenges in addressing skin care issues like dark spots. While there have been traditional treatments, like chemical peels, laser treatments, and prescription creams that use hydroquinone, these can actually make the problem worse.

A product that includes active ingredients that produce the same – or better- results while still providing gentle skin care, like SkinBright, is worth looking at.

It’s safe for all skin types, available without a prescription, and includes a proprietary combination of natural ingredients that minimizes hyper-pigmentation, along with fine lines and wrinkles, too, leaving you with clearer and younger-looking complexions.

~ Stay Beautiful!
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Ideally, a skin care product that’s effective without being harsh is one that men and women will return to again and again. Keep reading to learn more about new options for removing dark spots on dark skin.

Dark Spots – A Common Problem

For as much as it’s dreaded, dark spots are a common skin problem. There are many causes of this kind of skin marking, but most can be attributed to things that are, to a certain extent, out of people’s control, like sun damage and hormones.

Melanin is a pigment that naturally occurs in skin – and this is what makes dark spots appear. It’s used by the body as a reaction to aggravators like sun exposure or acne. So, when dark spots appear on skin, it’s a way of the skin attempting to protect itself.

What’s the Best Dark Spot Remover for Black Skin?

There are countless solutions to dark spots but not all of them are kind to skin. Chemical, laser and prescription treatments have all been used before, but for dark-skinned men and women, these usually aren’t the best choices.

People with black skin can find effective treatment in some topical skin lightening formulas, though. What is most important is to consider the active ingredients in any skincare treatment for dark spots; the last thing a woman wants to do is to irritate her skin and make the problem expand or intensify (or develop new problems!). Not all dark spot removers are created equally, and that’s why reading the label of any skin care product is crucial.

Read the Label and Look for These Ingredients

Many skin care products are made with proprietary combinations of active ingredients; however, there are several things consumers can look for when considering which product is best. Retinoids are commonly used in these kinds of beauty products. Also, many makers use various types of acids, like glycolic acid. Both of these kinds of substances can be really hard on skin, though. They can cause side effects like irritated skin and redness. Luckily, there are alternatives.

Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Acid

Look for ingredients like Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Acid. These are naturally derived substances that can provide relief from dark spots.

Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Acid work to minimize the skin processes that maintain dark spots, making discolorations appear lighter or even dissipating them to the point of being nearly unnoticeable.

One of the few products where these two powerhouse ingredients are available together in one product is SkinBright Premium Concentrate Skin Brightener. SkinBright also includes skin-soothing ingredients like Jojoba oil, hemp oil, and sunflower oil, and gentle exfoliants like lemon extract, and good-for-your-skin vitamins like Vitamin A Palmitate.

In addition to addressing hyper-pigmentation, SkinBright is a great choice because it does double-duty as an anti-aging product, too. Who doesn’t want to save time and money by using one product instead of two or more?

dark spot remover like SkinBright is effective, yet safe and gentle enough for everyday use by people of all ethnicity. Regular usage can lead to skin with fewer visible imperfections overall, and its over-the-counter availability makes obtaining it relatively easy and affordable.