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Dark spots are one of the most annoying skin related problems. They rob your face of all its natural glow and allure. You start to look older than your age and all of a sudden you start losing self-confidence. This is not a good situation to be in. The main reason for the appearance of dark spots is the dead outer skin layer of skin cells. This deposits on your face and cause dark spots to appear, along with many other skin defects such as pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone etc. There are many products available in the market that promise to provide effective and fast solution for dark spot treatment. Our job is to review all the notable cosmetic products and bring you the truth about each one. So today, we are reviewing Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment. 
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Product Review: Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment

Product Rating:
Introduction to the manufacturer:

The Darphin brand was established by a kinesiotherapist named Pierre Darphin, in Paris. He was apparently known for his requirement of high standards with all the cosmetic products under his label. Something, we weren’t able to find with Darphin’s Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment cream. 

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Description of Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment Cream:

The manufacturer has marketed the product as a “silky emulsion” that has the potential to balance your complexion and visibly minimize the dark spots. It enhances the beauty of your skin. Its characteristic SELECTIV MELA SYSTEM™ formulation provides treatment for dark spots, and it also helps fight their recurrence. The product has also been advertised to be rich in antioxidants, which aims to clear any impurities in your skin. Consequently, your skin becomes better, day by day. 

Key Product Claims:

Here are some of the key claims made by the manufacturer for Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment cream;

  • Balances your skin tone to provide a more even and brighter complexion. 

  • Provides visible results within 2 weeks. This claim is backed by an apparent research on 19 volunteers who used the product for 2 months (twice daily).

  • 5O% reduction in dark spots within 2 months. This claim is backed by a 2 month long experiment as well. 

  • Suitable for all skin types. 

  • Consists of rich quantities of antioxidants. 

  • Contains SELECTIV MELA SYSTEM™ formulation.

Key Ingredients

SELECTIV MELA SYSTEM™ is the key ingredient as per the manufacturer. Get this; the formula is “patent pending”. This formulation is based on Gentian extracts, Turmeric and Trametes Versicolor.

Final Verdict:

A 30 ml bottle for $95.00 is far from being an economical approach treating your skin for dark spots. The formulation is claimed to be non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested and has proven clinical efficiency. To be honest, we didn’t find any trustworthy research results with proper references. 

So if you go with this product, you will be spending almost a hundred bucks for a blind shot. We always stay a step ahead to provide you the best products, when it comes to skin care. For this purpose, we have brought you other products, which were found to be more effective and cost-efficient.  

Darphin Melaperfect Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment
3 star rating