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Ever wondered which beauty product is the best for your skin brightening needs? That’s a tough one! The cosmetic line is packed with beauty products that claim they are the best and they provide superior skin brightening action. The ones who manage to market their product properly, end up getting more sales, because the consumers are not fully educated on which product is actually better. Don’t worry. We are here to provide you the top notch reviews for some of the best-selling beauty products in the market. We have done in depth analysis to bring you a good, unbiased review that paints a clearer picture regarding the product. Most products manage to fool the consumer with their marketing, but not anymore. Today, we will be evaluating DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector. 

Introduction to Manufacturer:

The product comes from the line of cosmetics by Peter Thomas Roth. His skin care line of cosmetic products is inspired by his personal trouble with acne. The cosmetic brand was launched back in 1993. Since then they have expanded their range of products. Most products seem to be making good profit in the market. But let’s see if DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector, is good enough.
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Product Review: DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector

Product Rating:
DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector:

DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector is formulated with effective ingredients to cure discoloration and appearance of dark spots, according to the manufacturer. The darkening of skin during pregnancy as well as due to sun damage, acne and aging, can be treated with this product. The results start to appear with in 2 weeks of use, and your skin should get fairer in almost 12 weeks. Wow, that’s a long time. 

The cream has a powerful formula that is manufactured carefully, to not have an irritating effect. The formula also prevents future damage with continuous use. The cream is supposedly best suited for face, and hands. 

Key Product Claims:

Here are the major claims made by the manufacturer for this product;

  • The Illumiscin helps in reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation. 
  • The Niacinamide PC extract helps in lessening the effects of age spots. 
  • The skin brightening effects are great; thanks to the ActiWhite formula. 
  • Hyperpigmentation is cured and prevented from appearing again with help of Chromabright. 
  • Lipochroman 6 also helps in prevention of future effects of hyperpigmentation. 
  • Evens out the skin tone and texture with help of Caffeine.

How to use

The manufacturer suggests you apply the cream to the affected areas, twice a day. You should also use 
it with sunscreen to maintain results and avoid future discoloration. You can also use it as a combination 
with other beauty products. 

Our Verdict

To be honest, we were very impressed by one thing about this product. The marketing. Yes, all the other things are either available with other products or are not backed with research results. This made us not recommend the product to our readers. 
However, to make sure you get your time value for reading, we have brought you some other products which are light on your budget and perfect for your skin care.  

3 and a half star rating
DE-SPOT™ Skin Brightening Corrector