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That’s exactly what happened to me – A few months ago while celebrating my 40th Birthday I found myself gazing into the mirror, and it was then that I realized that age was catching up to me and my wrinkles were already starting to become quite noticeable. The next day I did what most people do and started looking online for the best anti-wrinkle creams I could find to get rid of them. 

I was determined, to say the least.

After a few days of searching, Derm Exclusive is the wrinkle solution I ended up using, and as you can tell from my author picture above, it worked! 

As of 2015, it’s the most popular anti-aging cream on the market by a long-shot, and over 10 million women worldwide use it to look younger every day. (That’s actually one of the big reasons I chose it - I’m a pretty cautious gal, so I was only going to go with something that actually worked for other people... I didn’t just want to try a bunch of random stuff, you know?)

This is my objective review of Derm Exclusive, including what it is, why it works, my personal results while using it, and whether or not I would recommend it to you specifically. 

If you’re considering the product or you just want those wrinkles gone, read on!

Derm Exclusive Product Breakdown

There are four key parts to the Derm Exclusive package - the serum, the moisturizer, the resurfacing pads and the Fill and Freeze pen.

  • Intensive repair serum. Oil-free and packed with essential vitamins that your skin needs not just to shine, but also to fade dark spots and skin discoloration caused by age and excessive sun exposure. There’s a huge difference - your ordinary face wash at CVS or Walgreens won’t do anything to address these issues, and it might even make them worse.

  • Collagen lift moisturizer. The moisturizer alone could be sold at the same price as the whole kit. You use it the same as any other moisturizer, except as it hydrates your face, it also works to tighten sagging skin. I found I had to use a tad more moisturizer than normal, but my skin looked great in the morning especially after I used the serum and moisturizer combination. 

  • Micro peel resurfacing pads. These hand pads are an excellent addition to the Derm Exclusive system and do away with the need for scrubs and exfoliants, revealing ultra-smooth skin while reducing the appearance of pores.

  • Fill and Freeze. This one is pretty complicated and did the most for my wrinkles by far, so I’m going to dedicate an entire section to it...
BEWARE of Wrinkle Creams and Anti-Aging Products that Make Outlandish Claims ...

I'm Excited to Report that Derm Exclusives' Fill & Freeze and Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment Does Exactly What It Claims!
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Is life fair? Not when it comes to wrinkles... that’s for sure. Age, Stress, and even just forgetting to put on sunscreen can all cause wrinkles to form.

You might not even realize its happening, then BAM - you wake up one day with slight creases in those “problem areas”. As you continue to age, they only get worse and worse.  
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Derm Exclusive Review: My Two Month Experience

Most Popular: “Fill and Freeze”

The Fill and Freeze bottle is quite small but the serum inside is very thick and goes a long way. You rub it directly onto your wrinkles (not over your entire face) and two things happen.

  • 1) Your skin instantly looks better because of the film-forming agents, if you need to look good before a party or event, you will.

  • 2) Your skin gradually improves because of the 4-peptide ingredients within - that’s the same as what’s in Botox, just without the needles or expensive doctor’s bill

Like I said, Fill and Freeze was the “game changer” for me, which is why the "Fill + Freeze" is emphasised throughout my review. 

(It was a game changer for Derm Exclusive too. The regimen was extremely popular before, but it wasn’t #1 in the world until they added Fill and Freeze - both instant and long term results are appealing to every woman out there!)
My experience with Derm Exclusive

Week 1 and 2

I looked at Derm Exclusive reviews for a full week before I decided to make the purchase. The kit wasn’t as expensive as some other skin treatment solutions I’ve seen, but I’m not someone who buys anything without looking at past results of other customers first. – Period!

Shipping took three days, so I started on the fourth day of week one.

I didn’t notice a huge difference in week one or two, except for one thing: right after I used Fill + Freeze, my skin looked great for a couple of hours, then returned to normal. I started timing usage before I went out so I looked good - my confidence on those nights was sky high!

Other reviewers had said it takes a few weeks to “kick in” on a permanent scale, so I was hopeful.

Week 3 and 4

Yep… it kicked in! A little at least.

As suggested by the doctor behind Derm Exclusive, Dr. Andrew Ordon, I continued to use the serum and moisturizer at the same time every day with consistency. (Because of the temporary Fill and Freeze effects, you can use that whenever.)

One day, when I woke up, I looked in the mirror and I just looked... better. I hadn’t slept particularly well, and I hadn’t eaten particularly healthy the day before but my face just looked vibrant for some reason.

I resolved to start taking pictures every morning, and by week four, I could see a tiny improvement from the first picture I took at the end of week three.

Overall, after a month of using the system, I was seeing noticeable improvements in my skin every day, and with the Fill and Freeze I had a guaranteed solution to reduce the appearance of my wrinkles right away if I needed to. 

Not bad, Derm Exclusive. Not bad at all. I was impressed!

Week 5, 6, 7, and 8

With my adherence to taking pictures, I noticed that my wrinkles were continuing to get better on a weekly basis. If I put all the pictures next to each other, you couldn’t tell the difference in between days, but the difference in between weeks was astounding.

Cons: If there is one disappointment that needs to be mentioned it’s that Derm Exclusive is not available in stores, however this is how they keep the price so low. Thankfully, Derm Exclusive has an Auto-ship program where they ship you a new kit every three months, so if you’re like me and you seem to forget everything, you’ll still be good to go. The first time I started to running out of product I was freaking out - then, like a parcel from heaven, Derm Exclusive showed up in my mailbox. Keep in mind that there is no obligation and you have the option to stop the kits from coming at any time, but I found the automatic shipments to be quite helpful.

The title of this post is my 2-month experience. After two months, I can safely say that I looked a full five years younger. I’ve been receiving compliments left and right, and when I go out, I get approached by men who are considerably younger than me. (I turn them down, but it still feels good.)

Conclusion: Should YOU Buy Derm Exclusive?

I will say this: Derm Exclusive worked so well that I had to write up this review and tell the world (mainly you, ladies) - if you want something that works, go with the popular product that people are already seeing success with! .. I don’t know why some girls insist on trying everthing under the sun when there’s something that works right in front of their faces.

My Final Verdict:  Derm Exclusive is Highly Recommended

Stay Beautiful,
Dr. Andrew Ordon addresses an important question
Derm Exclusive review
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