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Maintaining skin health can be very challenging. Especially with today’s environmental pollution and hazards. The UV rays are more harmful than ever, and without proper care, your skin tone may start to darken. Skin darkening inflicts a huge blow to your self-confidence by compromising your appearance. Don’t worry, all this can be controlled with proper skin care. There are a lot of cosmetic products, which will help you maintain a bright and lovely skin. The main question is, which product should you use? 

This can be a whole different challenge. But don’t worry, we bring you top reviews for leading cosmetic products in the market, so you can make an informed decision in selecting the right product. We will be reviewing Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream today. 
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Product Review: Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream

Product Rating:
Introduction to Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream:

Alpha-Arbutin and Bearberry plant extracts are both natural skin whitening agents found in the North American Forests. According to the manufacturer, this skin brightening product is one of the more effective and stable cosmetic products in the market. Due to its natural composition, it is highly effective and has less harmful side effects that are imminent with other skin brightening products. 

DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
​Key Product Claims:

Following are the key claims made by the product manufacturer;

  • The active ingredients help in reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduces skin discoloration and brightens the skin visibly. 
  • Counters and prevents tyrosinase activity to maintain skin health.
  • Contains Arbutin in a highly stable and effective form to ensure skin care.
  • The product has been classified as suitable to use for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:
Following are the key ingredients of the product as mentioned by the manufacturer;


Arbutin is a glycoside that inhibits tyrosinase and prevents the creation of melanin. Therefore, it is used in cosmetic products for skin-lightening effects. 

How It Works?

An effective skin lightening product requires the perfect balance of natural ingredients and modern formulation. The active agent should be stable and effective for good results. 

The active ingredient used in the Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream is Arbutin. It is a natural ingredient which is known for its skin whitening properties and inhibiting the production tyrosinase. By preventing harmful chemical processed, the product helps prevent hyperpigmentation. 

The form of Arbuting used in this product is Alpha Arbutin which is more stable and beneficial than the Beta Arbuting. The Alpha Arbutin offers a faster and effective action for inhibiting tyrosinase enzymes, and ensures skin brightening. 

Our Take On Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream:

While the Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream comes off as very unique formulation for the skin brightening requirements, we did not find any research or proven results to support any claim. A 30ml bottle is valued at $90. This is not cost-efficient by any means. 

A good product is always unique in formulation, supported with research and results, and is also affordable. While this product fails to ace all the three requirements, we have brought you some other top class products, which will not disappoint you. 

3 star rating
Dermedicine Skin Lightening Cream