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Struggling to deal with spots? Hate the skin darkening effects on your face? These are some familiar feelings with most women. There are many reasons for spots to appear on your skin. Similarly, skin darkening is a result of several different factors too. One common factor with the potential to cause both these skin defects and many others is the deposit of upper dead skin layer on your face. This causes you to lose the natural glow and appeal in your skin. With proper care this can be cured and even prevented from happening in future.

How do we do it? With a skin care product of course. But not all skin care cosmetic products out in the market can really help in this cause. This leaves consumers unsure, unsatisfied and with lesser money than before. 
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Product Review: Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector

Product Rating:
DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
Choosing the right cosmetic product for your skin care needs can be a really tricky job. But you don’t have to do all the painstaking research on your own. We understand your needs and so, we are back with a review for another popular skin care cosmetic product online. This time around, we will be evaluating Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector Review. So, let’s begin!

Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector- Product Description:

The Diorsnow formula is claimed to activate a brightening mechanism from the inside of your skin, providing a broad whitening action. This has been made possible with the combination of Edelweiss and Mallow extracts with the Transparency Enhancing Complex. According to Dior, this is their best broadest action ever with a single serum in any of their products. It instantly corrects dark spots, and prevents them from recurring. The skin tone and texture is brightened and evened out. 

Key Benefits:

As claimed by the manufacturer, the skin gets brighter and deeply moisturized upon 
application of the serum. With continued usage, dark spots start to diminish. Skin tone 
gets more evened out and emanates a natural shine. 

Key Claims:

Some of the significant claims made by the manufacturer, overall, are;

  • Reduces dark spots, and prevents them from reappearing. 
  • Gives the skin a whitening effect. 
  • Balances the skin tone and texture, to make it look naturally beautiful.

Key Ingredients:

The main advertised ingredient for the product is the Edelweiss from the Dior Garden. These flowers are grown 
at the edge of the Swiss Mountains, where the Dior specialist take care and extract the essence for the brightening 
action of the serum. 

Our Verdict:

After all the boasting of the manufacturer, comes the moment of truth. The product has been marketed pretty well to lure you in to buying this overpriced product. A 1.7OZ bottle costs $165. This is simply over the top for a cosmetic product. 

The formulation used in the product failed to impress. There is no particular research to support the efficacy of the product. 

On these grounds, we would avoid recommending this product to our readers. However, we have brought you some other incredible cosmetic products that are affordable and highly effective

Diorsnow Whitening Spot Corrector
2 and a half stars