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Are you a smart shopper? If such is the case, then you would definitely require an in-depth analysis on any product you purchase. That is where our assistance comes in. Every fashion girl knows that the key to pulling her entire look together is perfect skin. Without perfect skin, your confidence can take a real hit and no one deserves to feel awful about themselves.

Sun-damage, pollution, dry weather, is just some of the factors, which destroy your skin. Unfortunately, for all of us, they are also unavoidable. The less accessible a blemish is, the harder it is to rid yourself of it. Thus, dark spots require active serums 
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Product Review: Equatone Concentrated Dark Spot Serum

Product Rating:
DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
to infiltrate the skin. In search of ways to combat these harmful irritants, we must necessarily turn to skin care products. When nature has failed you, you must rely on man-made solutions. However, this gives rise to further confusion. The market for skin care products is monumental, as companies compete to produce the most innovative formulas at affordable prices. As the desire for beauty increases, so do the number of manufacturers claiming to provide you with it. 

Of course, in such a rat-race, one must never arrive unequipped. We here hope to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. You will never have to purchase a product without knowing what you’re getting yourself into! 

Introducing Equatone Concentrated Dark Spot Serum

This product claims to not only brighten dark spots, but lighten the skin, giving you a dewy glowing complexion. For most women, that would be a dream come true. In only a few drops applied overnight, this serum aims to clear up age spots, blemishes, freckles, acne scars and most importantly, dark spots. 

At just 8.29$ a bottle, this concentrated formula promises incredible results as it reduces hyperpigmentation 
and signs of aging skin. Moreover, due to the nature of its formula, excess use is not required to produce results. 
Equatone appears to be ‘quality you can trust’ For the smart shopper in you, this would seem ideal!

For best results, this product scan be used along with Equatone foaming skin cleanser, facial skin brightening 
day cream and facial skin brightening night cream. 

Why Equatone?

The company has released a line of products that claim to perfect your skin. The serum claims to:

Even out blemishes
Repair the skin 
Provide moisture to skin
Restore brightness to the skin tone
Combat signs of aging


Customer reviews of the product have failed to support the claims made by this product. Most consumers have made it known that this serum, while not causing any harm, does absolutely nothing. Moreover, we remain unimpressed by the formula as it has no edge over its competitors. 
The price is admittedly cheap; yet is it worth it? Especially considering the product has failed to meet expectations. Despite claims by Equatone, it fails to equate ones tone to perfection. 

Unfortunately, it has not won out support and we do not recommend making this purchase.
one and half star rating
Equatone Concentrated Dark Spot Serum