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Product Review: Formula #4 Skin Blemish Remover

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Exuviance Skin Brightening Gel
Formula #4 Skin Blemish Remover Review

Blemishes are marks or zones of discoloration on the skin. They can be elevated off of the skin or flat, and may come in a range of sizes and colors. Since there are many dissimilar types of blemishes with varying causes, the solution for each type is a little different. Common types include acne scars, birthmarks, age spots, and also uneven skin tone. Blemishes just like other skin problems can ruin one’s appearance resulting in sinking the confidence of a person.

One of the most common causes for blemishes are acne. This can result in, raised pimples and pustules as well as flat blackheads and whiteheads. These occur when a hair follicle gets clogged with your skins natural oil produce substance called sebum, dirt, or bacteria, and can be caused by ingrown hairs as well. Most individuals have acne during their puberty, when hormonal changes cause the body to produce too much sebum, which increases the chances of clogging. Over-the-counter cleansers and medications can decrease sebum, soothe inflammation, and wash out pores for people with mild and moderate acne, but those people with severe acne will need prescription anti-inflammatories and medications to regulate hormonal changes. One acclaimed product to treat blemishes is Claudio Dario Formula #4 Skin Blemish Remover, which we are going to review.

About the Manufacturer

Claudio Dario is a company specializing in the production of perfumes, essential oils for private use, skin care products, skin moisturizers, skin creams, skin oils, soaps and lip balms. Their product range also includes hair care products like shampoos. 
About the Product

This product is a mixture of an exclusive blend of pure, natural oils that lighten and eventually, diminish brown spots and helps to heal other skin conditions as well. Formula 4 is a food grade item and is safe around eyes and areas that would usually be sensitive to the chemical ingredients used in skin care manufacturing.

Product Claims

helps reduce dark spots and warts from sensitive and irritated skin
made from natural oils which makes it suitable for everyday use and even around the eyes
takes up to two weeks to see its effects
helps fade away the dark spots located on their hands and around their neck
cleanses the face giving back its natural glow

Product Highlights

Fades away brown spots (liver spots)
Wart Removal
Heals skin ulcers
Thickens eyebrow and eye lashes
Softens and reverses hemorrhoids
Softens dry feet
Leaves skin feeling like velvet


100% food grade natural tree/plant oils


This cream is priced at $29.95 for 60ml which is a bit pricey but much cheaper than many products out there. The reviews of this product are quite mixed, while some say it had a quick visible affect in less than a month and others say that after using this product, their skin became prone to breakouts. This may not be the best dark spot remover out there, but if you do not have acne-prone skin, you can give it a try.

one and a half star rating
FORMULA #4 Skin Blemish Remover