Although freckles are considered harmless – and even endearing – by some, children, and in many cases even older teens and adults, might think about using a dark spot remover to get rid of them and obtain a fair, even complexion.

They may not create any long term problems, and in some cases, they may even fade on their own, but for many people, the cosmetic and esthetic benefits of a clear, smooth skin tone can outweigh any of the supposed benefits that these skin spots can provide.

The Science behind Freckles

Although they’re not like age spots or regular black spots on skin that occur with age, freckles are a result of similar causes to those of Dark spots, liver spots and age spots which is why a common dark spot corrector can work on them in the first place.
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Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Freckles?

Our #1 Recommended Dark Spot Remover for Eliminating Freckles
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What they really are is small, isolated pockets of pigment-rich skin cells that become excited when coming in contact with sunlight or UV rays. This is mainly why people who have these spots on their face or other areas that the sun might touch upon often report that their spots are more visible in the summer, and they fade away in the wintertime.

The main idea is that people with fairer complexions who have freckles develop less melanin (the pigment mentioned earlier) when being exposed to sunlight, and unlike those who would simply get tan, due to having adequate amount of melanin in their skin, the melanin reacts differently, resulting in small, tan or brown spots on face skin regions or various other areas of the body.

Unlike a spot corrector or blemish removal cream, regular treatments usually take a very long time to show any significant results, and if you don’t have enough money to pay for an expensive laser treatment, you might need to get used to your pigmentation problem for a long time to come.

Fortunately, some of the best dark spot removers on the market have shown remarkable results when it comes to treating these types of issues, similarly as with any kind of black or brown spots or patches resulting from overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

What Can You Do to Eliminate Freckles?

Because they are a form of hyper-pigmentation, a dark spot remover can be applied to reduce the visibility of freckles and even eliminate them entirely over time. Unlike in the case of regular dark patches on skin surfaces that could be treated in less than 3 weeks, these spots can sometimes withstand for a longer period, however, you should still see some positive results within 3-4 weeks.

As with any spot fading products including the product we’ve recommended on this page, make sure you start slow, applying it only once per day during the first week to allow your skin to adjust to it. Later on, you can switch it to twice a day, depending on how your skin reacts, and in as little as a month, your freckles should already have faded quite well and you will also notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin complexion and texture.​

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