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have hydroquinone in them to slow down the production of melanin. This can reduce the appearance of sun spots caused by excess sun exposure but will not heal reddened skin.


Glo-therapeutics offers a wide variety of personalized skin care products and solutions which can be incorporated in the daily regimes of consumers. It claims to utilize innovative technologies and cutting edge research to manufacture their formulas which are designed with highly effective ingredients to transform your skin into a younger, healthier and fresher version.

Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream has been made to lighten any residual discoloration along with helping to control all the linked up blemishes. This creams multipurpose ingredients claim to aid in chronic red skin as well. It has been recommended for everyone with problematic skin types because of chronic redness and blemishes. 

Product Claims:

• Provides relief from chronic, flushed, reddened skin
• Recommended for problematic skin
• Decreases the appearance of blemishes and discolorations


This product comes in a 1.7 fluid ounce packing and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, there have been mixed reviews about this. According to some, the product showed no difference in the facial discoloration, and in fact, it stings after application. Another complaint was that this product had a white, flakey residue after application and you could not go out with this applied. It is also not suitable for applying under makeup. On the other hand, people with severe rosacea said it worked wonders for their skin and took away the redness, warmth, and swelling. 

Something, they claimed, even high-end products weren’t able to do. They too complained about the redness but said the effects were worth it, and the stinging only lasted for 5 minutes. Other reviews said they had sensitive and allergy prone skin, but this product did not irritate their skin at all. Even eczema sufferers claimed that this product does not harm their skin further, and instead it actually helped lessen the symptoms. It has also provided relief to some acne scars, including hormone-related acne problems. The people praising this product were upset about the discontinuation of the product, though.

Our recommendation
​Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream
Glo-therapeutics Dual Advantage Cream Review

Blemishes, dark spots, discolorations and dull skin are almost every girl’s worst nightmare. They can make you feel self-conscious and even embarrassed at times which prompts you to try out products and even see the doctor for possible treatments. Many products are available on the market for helping such people achieve a better complexion which looks fresher and healthier.

With only a few exceptions, skin-lightening creams and products which claim to eliminate discolorations and blemishes, don’t usually work as advertised. In most cases, these skin-lightening treatments