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Various products have been revamped by several brands, claiming to reduce and remove your dark spots. We aim towards providing you information about the best ones, and warning you about ones which are making false claims. Today, we will be reviewing GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex. Let us see if this product is worth your money or not.

An Introduction to the Manufacturer:

This skincare product company was basically established by the celebrity dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden to attend to all the skin problems, people were facing nowadays. 

The company claims to produce skincare products with organic and natural ingredients, combined with 40 years of experience in the field of dermatology. Dr Gray, claims to have mixed the botanical formulations from hi professional experience with natural products, to create remedies for all skin care problems, including acne, dark spots and eczema etc.

Overview of GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex:

GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex is a concentrated dark spot remover which claims to contain alpha arbutin, combined with an anti-aging antioxidant, Red Tea, which helps to reduce the appearance of all skin related remedies such as age spots, dark spots, acne scars and sun damages etc. This product is advertised, claiming that it can cure any damage caused by the environmental conditions of your area.

Manufacturer's Claims:

Below are listed some of the claims which are made by the manufacturer, about their product and what it contains.

  • GoldFaden claims that this serum includes alpha arbutin and an anti-aging antioxidant; Red Tea.
  • It safely reduces the appearance of age spots, scars and dark spots etc.
  • It is claimed to be tested for all skin types and that the product is Hypo Allergenic.
  • It claims to include all organic and natural ingredients.
  • It claims to include pure hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract to nourish your complexion.

Key Ingredients:

Red Tea is the key ingredient which is claimed to be contained by this concentrated complex. It is an anti-aging antioxidant. Apart from that, it also claims to include hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract and alpha arbutin.

Our Verdict:

An $80 bottle of concentrated serum, without any official proof that it actually contains what it claims is certainly a blind shot for all you beauty enthusiasts out there. We have not come across any customer review, which shows that this product can reduce and cure dark spots or that it cures any other skin infection for that matter.

Going with this product will certainly will be taking a risk with your already 'spotted skin'. For this matter, we have reviewed 101 other dark spot removers, which have been clinically proven to be efficient and effective for dark spots and other skin infections.

Our recommendation
GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex Review

For most people, dark spots are a major problem, especially when they appear on visible body parts, such as your face. We all want a smooth and spotless skin, and we will go to any lengths to achieve it. These dark spots usually linger, refuse to fade and make you look twice your age. All the natural glow and allure your face had, dark spots take all of that away. Dark Spots mainly appear because the dead layer of your outer skin, the epidermis. 

This layer keeps on depositing on your face, and finally forms themselves in the shape of dark spots, visible to the human eye. 
GoldFaden Dark Spot Eliminating Complex