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If you're looking for the very best over the counter cream for dark spots on face whether they are dark spots caused by pimples or any other reason such as age or over exposure to the sun we highly recommend you take a look at SkinBright Premium Skin Lightener, an all natural chemical-free solution for removing dark spots from the face and body, formulated with only the finest all-natural skin lightening ingredients. SkinBright has been Voted #1 Over the Counter Cream for removing dark spots on the face from 2004 to date!

What are Facial Dark Spots?

Dark spots on the face are a result of over production of Melanin (the natural occurring pigment that give us our skin color) when too much melanin is being produced in localized area of the face it will appear as dark spots or even freckles, the medical term for these spots is known as hyper-pigmentation.

Hyper-Pigmentation is generally not considered to be dangerous or harmful to your well being however it certainly can affect ones appearance.

While science and medicine have a firm grasp on the many causes of increased production of melanin, there are no known cures aside from taking preventative measures.

Increased production of melanin leading to dark spots on the face is often the result of over exposure to the sun, as the UV rays penetrate deep into the skin the body's defensive mechanism goes into action and begins to produce extra melanin to shield itself against sun burn and UV damage often resulting in permanent dark spots being produced as a side effect of the rapid increase in melanin.

As a preventative measure the logical step would be to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen preferable with a SPF of 35 or more, understandably it is not always convenient or practical to cover your face with sunscreen therefore there will always be risk of damage from sun exposure.

Melanin production can also be over-produced as a side effect of many prescription medications, the list of medications is numerous so the only real way to know if you are at risk is to ask your doctor and/or pharmacist and to read the manufactures complete list of side effects and contraindications.

Another known cause of hyper-active melanin synthesis is the imbalance of hormones particularly as we get older, thus the reason we often refer to the resulting dark spots as "age spots".

As a preventative measure there really isn't anything we can do for that aside from drinking from the fountain of youth and staying forever young :-)

Aggressive and invasive treatments

While we don’t necessarily endorse the following procedures we feel it is our moral duty to bring them to your attention!

Chemical Peels: 

In all honestly, an appropriate name for a chemical peel would be an "Acid Peel" because quite frankly that is exactly what it is as most commercial chemical peels are formulated with various acidic ingredients such as: glysolic acid, lactic acid citric acid, malic acid tartaric acid and several other alphahydroxy acids.

Using a chemical peel to get rid of dark spots on your face will often cause severe stinging, redness and dry patches even to the most none sensitive skin areas, so you can imagine what they can do to your face
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How to Remove Dark Spots on Your Face:

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The average cost for a chemical peel in the United States is somewhere between $600-$900 dollars making it cost prohibitive for most people.


This is not a bad option for many people and involves the use of a specialized piece of equipment that basically utilizes super fine exfoliating crystals to literally sand your skin thereby removing the outer layers along with the dark spots and blemishes that exists within those same layers.

As we said earlier this is not a bed option for some people but be prepared to make a bank withdrawal as the cost of microdermabrasion treatments can be expensive.

Laser Treatments: 

If your facial dark spots are old and have not been diminished with other treatments then you might want to consider laser treatment as a last resort.

Laser treatment is not only costly and time consuming but also quite invasive and often painful it works by targeting the individual dark spot and blasting it with an intense pulsed light (IPL) to destroy that specific spot of skin which will soon scab over and eventually be replaced with a new growth of un-pigmented skin.

It often takes several treatments (3-5) to completely destroy a single spot, thus the reason the costs for laser treatment is usually beyond the average person’s budget

Hydroquinone creams and lotions: 

We advise everyone who wants to get rid of dark spots on face to exercise extreme caution when using a dark spot remover that contains Hydroquinone as the side effects can be detrimental and in some cases can even make your condition worse. 

Although Hydroquinone has proven to be effective in combating dark spots associated with hyper-pigmentation it really isn't an idea whitening cream for face, it has also come under scrutiny and been documented in the medical annals as being a caustic carcinogen and mutagenic often damaging your skins pigment beyond repair.

The definition of Hydroquinone is: "a white, crystalline compound, C 6 H 6 O 2, formed by the reduction of quinone : used chiefly in photography and to inhibit autoxidation reactions"... Do you really want to use this stuff to remove dark spots on your face? ... Not Us!

​Home Remedies:

Some budget minded individuals and those who prefer to take an all natural approach might want to think about homemade solutions.

A simple search online will yield many results the most popular being the use of lemon juice and other citrus juices as the ascorbic acid and vitamin “C” contained in citrus juice along with the use of an abrasive cloth will help to remove the outer layer of skin (epidermis).

Many other dark spot remover home remedies include the use of potatoes, tomatoes, oats, almonds, buttermilk, honey, tea, papaya, onions and the list goes on and on ... sounds much more like a grocery list to us and the time and effort involved is just not worth it in our opinion, but hey to each their own!

~ Stay Beautiful!

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