Using Manual Exfoliation to Remove Your Dark Spots?

When you’re diligent about doing manual exfoliation, you’ll find that it can make a difference however it can be quite irritating and results take a very long time, that's why we recommend investing in an over the counter dark spot remover in lieu of manual exfoliation as the results will be obtained much faster, more effective and without any irritation or side affects.

Manual exfoliation does have the power to reduce or eliminate dark spots. This type of exfoliation is performed by hand, with skin care products that contain grains or micro-beads. 

Manual exfoliation is simple and straightforward and using this practical method doesn’t need to be time-consuming. A few minutes of effort on a regular basis should really pay off  but don't expect results too soon, it does take quite some time.

Today, we’d like to walk you through the process, step by step. 

Find the Right Products

For best results, we recommend buying a loofah glove, as well as a scrub which is gentle, yet effective. Looking at product reviews online should help you to find the right products for manual exfoliation. The only other thing that you’ll need is warm water.

Put the Product on Trouble Spots

Begin by dampening the trouble spot (where the dark spots are found) with a bit of water. Then, add a dab of the scrub product. Usually, a quarter-size amount will suffice. Next, massage the scrub onto your dampened skin with the loofah glove. 

If you don’t have one of these gloves and don’t want to invest in one, you may use your hand to scrub in the product. You don’t have be too aggressive and massaging in the scrub for five minutes or less should be sufficient. 

Rinse Off the Scrub 

After you’ve massaged in the scrub for five minutes of less, you should move onto the next step, which is rinsing off the product with warm water. Pat the area dry.

Moisturize the Trouble Spot

Manual exfoliation may be drying and this is the reason why we recommend moisturizing the affected area as a final step. It will soothe and smooth your skin and keep it in good condition.

Do It A Few Times Per Week

When you compare manual exfoliation versus using a dark spot remover you'll discover that you’ll need to keep up with manual exfoliation for quite some time before the process removes enough dead skin cells to reveal fresher, less spotted new skin. So, consider adding this routine to your skin care regimen at least three days per week. 

~ Stay Beautiful!

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How to Remove Dark Spots with Manual Exfoliation

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