​​​We have talked a lot about the different types of home remedies you can use on your skin and we’ve also covered a variety of products that can keep your skin spot free and healthy. Another safe alternative that you can try out is laser vs creams for the treatment of dark spots.

Laser treatment for dark spots is an up and coming option that is safe and actually removes dark spots completely. Not many people are aware that this treatment exists and that is it relatively affordable. You may also not be aware of the lasting effect it can have in keeping your skin clean and clear.

Lasers have been discovered and found to be very useful over the past few years in treating various ailments, including those that aren’t related to the skin. Not only is laser treatment great for removing blemishes and spots on your skin, but it can also be used to correct and heal a large number of skin pigmentation issues.

Laser Treatment For Dark Spots

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Laser Treatments

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Some of its other known uses include tattoo removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, stretch mark reduction, Acne scar removal, red spot reduction, port wine spot reduction, and stretch mark removal. These are the most commonly known skin related ailments that lasers have been found to be very useful in treating over the past few years.

Laser treatment is called photo rejuvenation IPL laser treatment. IPL stands for intense pulsated light which is what the actual laser doing the work will do. In short, IPL is basically the type of light that’s used for correcting any issues you might be have with your skin.

You might be asking yourself how exactly pulsated light beams can repair damaged skin or dark spots? This is a great question! The process of using light to repair damaged skin is actually quite simple and easy to understand so, well tell you a little bit about it.

Light beams from the laser penetrate the affected area and will then damage the affected areas cells. This damage is not harmful in any way and will actually force you body to repair the damaged cells, which in simple terms, is how laser treatments works.

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation of how this process works we will provide that as well. Multiple ranges of light generated by the laser are sent into the skin specifically targeting hemoglobin or melanin.

Hemoglobin is the oxygen that binds to red blood cells located inside blood vessels in your body.

Melanin is the pigment that creates dark spots or in more simplistic terms allows your skin to tan.

These two components are targeted by the waves of light and then they damage either the blood vessel wall or the pigment in the melanin. The melanin and blood vessels that were damaged are then absorbed and repaired by the body making them much less apparent to the eye.

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Laser treatment can take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour and half at a time. Generally each treatment is given in the form of sessions. These sessions are scheduled typically one month apart from each other and there can be up to five sessions or more depending on the severity of the area you’d like treated to complete their repair.

Treatments for dark spots have been created to remove them from your skin and you should always be sure to have a doctor that is informed of your decision to take this course. Having a doctor that’s well versed in this area will give you the advantage of knowing what the risk vs. reward will be before, during , and after you are treated. It will also allow you to feel more comfortable knowing you have a doctor who can help you during any times of need.

After these treatments direct sun exposure should be avoided as this can result in re-damaging the skin you have just treated. Typically you will have moisturizer and sunscreen applied to the area and you should be told to avoid direct sunlight to the area as much as possible.

The amount of time this can take may vary and only the doctor administering your treatments should direct you of the specifics of your case.

As always we recommend doing your research when choosing this option. We don’t recommend doing your research on this subject alone because laser treatment may not be a safe alternative for you and it might be in your best interest to use a dark spot remover such as SkinBright as mentioned in our SkinBright review or Meladerm as seen in our Meladerm review. We recommend this so you are fully aware of the specifics of laser treatment for dark spots as it relates to you and your body specifically.

A licensed doctor should always be present during your treatments or upon admission. You should also always consult your own personal doctor or physician before undergoing any treatment and ask for alternatives. Many times people feel that because this is something that is fast and effective it will be the best choice for them even before looking into and finding safer alternatives. There may even be reasons that are unknown to you that only your personal doctor can inform you of and let you know the direct result this treatment will have on you.

Additional information can be found on laser treatments in the facility you visit. Always make sure any information you request is available to you before undergoing any form of treatments laser or not. If you ever feel like the place you are going to have your treatment done has something your unsure of, Always ask a professional. That way you’re well educated and remain in safe hands all the way through your treatment.

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