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I recieved an email today from the marketing team over at Lash Renew®, they liked my Lash Renew Review so much that they wanted to extend their recent promotion with my readers, so rather than write up a seperate article of my own I thought I would just copy-and-paste the exact same email that the Lash Renew team has sent out to all of their subscribers

So here it is, I hope you can benifit from it ...

Junior Editor

Lash Renew Slashes Prices

...  Usually, getting a frantic cell phone call from our lab at 5 AM means bad news but once in awhile, that "bad news"... is actually GOOD news in disguise!

You see, just a few weeks ago, We placed an order with our lab for 5,000 tubes of Lash Renew but this morning, one of our warehouse managers completely freaked out... Because a batch of 9,000 tubes had just arrived.

We immediately called our contact at the lab... who discovered a very simple data entry mistake had resulted in the extra-large batch. Since it was their mistake, the good folks at the lab decided to make us a deal, they said we could return the extra 4,000 tubes for free, and buy them back at a small discount once we needed them.

But we had our email subscribers in mind... and we knew we could turn this into an opportunity to give you a HUGE discount, so we said, We'll tell you what — We'll save you some trouble and keep them all if you double that discount."

And amazingly... they accepted! It was a complete win-win...

Because now, we can pass those savings on to you — and you can 
enjoy longer, thicker, fuller, darker lashes, at a fraction of the usual 

Click here to save on Lash renew (while supplies last)

To be clear — this is our most POPULAR formula, so 9,000 tubes 
won't last long at this price.

Our subscribers love how this easy-to-use serum:

  • Helps increase lash growth by up to 72% 
  • Decreases lash thinning and fallout 
  • Allows you to use less mascara 
  • Can even help fill in sparse eyebrows 

...Especially since so many women struggle with visibly sparse, thinning, or "stubby" lashes (and brows!) as the years go by.

Now, there have been a couple of times when we've been able to offer this same amazing discount on Lash Renew, but we'll be honest with you... We don't think we'll ever be able to do it again.

That's because the price of our main ingredient, — a peptide that actually increases each hair follicle's ability to produce longer, stronger lashes — has gone up in price dramatically over the past several months.

That means this may well be the LAST time you'll ever see Lash Renew at this low price — our biggest discount ever for this formula.

And as always, every single order is covered by my 60-Day Refund Promise. If you don't love it, just send it back to us (even if it's all used up) and we'll give you your money back right away. No problem.

That commitment to your success is what makes Lash Renew special... And on behalf of the entire team here... We can't WAIT to hear all about your awesome results! :-)

P.S. Remember, this rare discount will only last until these 9,000 tubes run out — and that will no doubt happen very quickly.

Once these tubes run out, Lash Renew will return to its retail price for the foreseeable future. (I'm sure the lab won't be making this kind of mistake again anytime soon!)​

 ... So there you have it folks, because of a supplier error you get to reap big savings... Enjoy!
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