​​​With the multitude of glowing Meladerm reviews appearing on a daily basis from satisfied buyers who claim to have obtained new confidence due to their surprising skin tone improvements, the product voted as Americas #1 dark spot remover/skin lightener has gained immense popularity not only here in America but around the world.

If you too are dealing with unwanted age spots, freckles or dark patches of skin associated with Melasma, sun exposure, hormonal imbalances or any other source, Meladerm could potentially be the skin care formula you’ve been looking for.

But before we get all excited about the product’s reputation, let’s take a closer look at it, and place its claims and abilities under the spotlight to see exactly what you should expect from it.

Introducing Meladerm – The Ultimate Skin Lightening Formula

Appearing on the market in 2003 after an extensive 4 year development process in the Civant Skin Care labs, Meladerm has quickly earned a reputation as being the best, as well as safest skin lightening solution available in the marketplace.

The formula itself is based on a complex mixture of active and passive ingredients with well-documented properties for countering the effects of skin discoloring triggers, such as Melasma and over-exposure to the sun, while also ensuring that people with sensitive skin will not experience any negative side effects that are so common with many other dark spot removers.

The main active ingredients that Meladerm uses include naturally derived extracts from plants like Bearberry, Licorice and Mulberry. Also enhanced by other carefully chosen, prepared and dosed ingredients, such as Kojic acid and appropriately selected liposomes and carriers that maximize the chance of the active ingredients to be absorbed, Meladerm achieves the perfect balance between safe application and the efficient targeting not only of the melanosomes responsible for pigmentation issues, but also of the tyrosinase enzyme – which plays a catalyzing role in the process.

Based on this far less risky process of diminishing the ability of melanosomes to produce excess melanin, Meladerm is able to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discolorations, and improve your complexion without the need for other effective (but dangerous) ingredients, such as hydroquinone, steroids or mercury.

MELADERM REVIEW: Is this Skin lightener a Scam or Legit?

​​​Are There Any Drawbacks to Take Note Of?

Despite all of its indisputable advantages, Meladerm is not perfect – nothing in this world is, unfortunately. Following are the few drawbacks to take into account before purchasing it:

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Meladerm Review

​​​The Main Advantages of Meladerm

Results that are backed by researchers and by numerous Meladerm review sites prove that this skin lightener is definitely not a scam and actually has quite a lot going for it, especially due to its use of natural ingredients documented as both safe and effective. But let’s have a look at some of the other legitimate advantages of this proprietary skin lightening formula:
  • In most cases, Meladerm doesn’t require too much time to show its effectiveness. You can expect your skin to begin to lighten in as little as a few weeks, and depending on the severity of your case, the dark spots or other skin discolorations should be all but gone in two to three months of regular use.

  • Application is easy – simply apply it to the affected area once in the morning and once before bed, and avoid using any sun block or makeup for at least 10 minutes afterwards. Best results are usually obtained after a gentle exfoliation session.

  • You can use it practically on any area of your skin, except for your eyes and mouth. The product has shown significant positive results when used on skin regions on the face, hands, arms, elbows or knees.

  • Aside from sun spots, Melasma, freckles and other types of sun damage, Meladerm has also been proven as effective in the case of acne scars, lesions, old scars, birthmarks and uneven skin tones.

  • Some products you may have tried in the past might have caused issues such as skin irritations. Meladerm has been designed with safety in mind and does not present such drawbacks.
Buyer Feedback and Opinions

If you visit specialized sites or the review section on Meladerm's official website, you will be impressed at the number of positive reviews written by buyers. As our research has revealed, many reviewers declare themselves amazed at how well the product works, especially after several unsuccessful encounters with other overpriced, useless dark spot removers.

Many users claim they had previously tried several treatments and products, including laser treatments and skin care formulas based on hydroquinone – all with not much success. Upon using Meladerm, however, their complexion became much brighter, and their dark spots faded in as little as a week after the first application.

Some of them have also said they suffer from highly sensitive skin and consider Meladerm the only product they’ve used that doesn’t cause irritations. Others have praised it for its effectiveness despite having used it only once per day or even twice a week.

Probably the only disadvantage expressed by buyers is the product’s slight inconsistency, as some people haven’t had immediate success in getting rid of their dark spots with its help. Most consider this a minor issue, however, since the product did show impressive results after a few months. 

A Low-Cost, Highly Efficient Skin Care Product

Meladerm cream is considered by many to be the safest, most successful and most efficient skin lightening formula currently available. It boasts a complex manufacturing process, carefully chosen ingredients such as: Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Lemon Juice, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Licorice Extract, Kojic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin and more... as well as considerable attention to detail for the purpose of making it safe, and you’ll find that the results it provides are far better than any other product you have previously used or are currently using for the removal of: 
  • The product, first of all, doesn’t guarantee positive results immediately. Most people (including myself) report having utilized it for about 2-3 months before achieving their desired results. So remember to have a little patience.

  • Meladerm is not available in retail stores, and although some people may consider that to be a drawback the folks over at Civant have informed us that by operating entirely online they are able to keep their prices much lower than what they would have to charge in a retail store environment and they offer fast and affordable shipping across the globe from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between. And rest assured their industry leading customer support is unprecedented and all products come with a full 30 day money back guarantee!

  • hyperpigmentation
  • melasma
  • age spots
  • acne scars
  • freckles
  • uneven skin tone
  • skin discolorations 
  • and more!

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More about Meladerm & Civant Skin Care

Meladerm is ranked as the #1 skin bleaching formula on the market, being utilized and recommended by skin care specialists around the globe for more than a decade.

Meladerm is among the safest skin lightening products in the marketplace these days. This means that it does not include dangerous ingredients like mercury, hydroquinone, and steroids. Although it does not have any of the substances typically used in bleaching products, Meladerm contains organic active ingredients making it an efficient skin whitening product.

Most causes of uneven skin tone or skin discolorations are the result of Acne marks, Chloasma, Melasma, Sun spots, Freckles, Tans, Sun damage, Dark discolorations, Age spots, Liver spots, Sun spots, and Hyperpigmentation. These skin conditions can appear on the body, face or both. The great news is; you can eradicate the discoloration caused by these skin conditions by utilizing Meladerm. It is safe to utilize Meladerm on the face and body.

The melanosomes, a specialized cytoplasmic organelles houses the amino acid known as tyrosine. Tyrosine will become melanin when catalyzed by the enzyme called tyrosinase. It is melanin that gives off your natural skin color. In order to properly lighten the skin, the skin lightening formula should target the processes involving the melanosomes and the enzyme tyrosinase. Well, if melanosomes are becoming active, it creates more melanin. As a result, you see spots on your skin that are visibly darker.

Time and patience are essential for people who want to even out their skin complexion. Having the results using Meladerm regularly can be as fast as 2 weeks, particularly if you use exfoliation agents with it. The outcome will not come correctly in that time though as they can take longer than that. You might want to wait 2 to 3 months for the complete results.

These days, there are many of skin lightening products in the marketplace. This is why there are a lot of products with the same ingredients. However, the formula of Meladerm is unique. They carefully preserve and handle the ingredients well compared with some manufacturers. This is for the reason that some ingredients like Kojic acid are more prone to damage when it is exposed to air and light. Furthermore, other ingredients must be kept in vacuum desiccators to boost their shelf life. The quality and potency of the active ingredients and preservation of extracts can also be possibly done through filtering and micronizing, which is part of the whole process. Implementation of these measures is not done by the manufacturers of similar but less costly lightening creams. Thus, with regards to product efficacy, Meladerm remains to be supreme.

One of the most essential things in making a product is its base ingredients. Proper carriers and liposomes should be chosen properly so that the active ingredients will be absorbed by the skin deeply. Plus, skin irritation will be prevented if the product has moisturizers and preservatives. Surely, your skin can absorb safely the highest concentration of active ingredients present in Meladerm. This is the reason why you can guarantee great outcomes upon using this skin lightening cream. Meladerm has special base ingredients and good quality actives, and this combination made its formula different, efficient, and secure. No other manufacturers can top that.


Meladerm WORKS better than any other dark spot remover or skin lightening cream that we have tested to date and we give it our highest accolades. Meladerm is so confident that you WILL achieve positive results far better than any other cream on the market today that they are willing to back it up with an unconditional guarantee – If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with your results, they will give a full refund of the purchase price.

Purchase this powerful formula today at an exceptional price of only $49.99 or 2 bottles for only $79.99, and you too will benefit from what industry experts and thousands of positive Meladerm reviews from satisfied customers are praising as the  #1 dark spot remover and skin lightener in America and around the world!
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​​​Meladerm can be used by both women and men wanting to lighten any form of skin discoloration, it is also safe enough to be used by children over the age of 12 years. If you have any skin conditions that you are concerned about it is always advisable that you consults with your family health practitioner before applying Meladerm – or any other skin cream for that matter.
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