Also called Chloasma, the skin condition known as Melasma is one of the major reasons why dark spot removers and correctors were developed in the first place.

Being commonly associated with women contracting the condition particularly during the summer, the true underlying causes of the condition remain largely unknown, and there aren’t many products for getting rid of brown or black spots on skin caused by the disorder that would make these unsightly blemishes go away completely. 

Melasma: A Common Skin Condition

The name of the condition comes from the Greek word “melas,” meaning “black,” and is commonly linked to most black and brown spots on face, cheeks and arms that anyone from teenagers to middle aged and elderly individuals may complain about.

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Treat Your Melasma with a Topical Skin Lightening Cream

Our #1 Recommended Skin Lightening Cream for Melasma 
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Although there are effective dark spot removers that can eliminate undesired dark spots occurring because of the disorder, there are very few tips doctors can give about trying to prevent the occurrence of Melasma (Chloasma). Many of the most common cases seem to appear in women and individuals with darker skin living in warmer climates. 

Another identifying factor includes the fact that the disorder’s main symptoms seem to be more prevalent during the summer, while the black spots tend to fade in the cooler months of the year.

Pregnancy, contraceptive pills and various hormonal imbalances were all at some point considered to cause the disorder; however, conclusive proof still doesn’t exist to point to these as anything but mere contributing factors.

At the same time, treating Chloasma has proved to be quite difficult. Although there are no actual harmful effects – since the affected skin patches are not sore or itchy – the disorder can be very persistent, and it has no actual cure. When caused by pregnancy, it can sometimes resolve on its own, and various treatments exist that target both superficial levels of the skin and deep pigmentation – normally through topically applied formulas.

Finding the Best Dark Spot Remover for Melasma

In our opinion the best dark spot remover/skin lightening cream for treating your Chloasma-based blemishes and dark skin patches is the one we recommend at the top of this page. It is an affordable formula designed to safely improve the appearance of the skin and promote a healthier, more radiant looking, even-texture skin that, with the proper preventive measures, can discourage common Melasma symptoms from appearing.

Thousands of people (Men and Women) have proclaimed it as the best they have ever used, claiming it is capable of diminishing the visible effects of black and brown spots on face skin areas – and especially on cheeks. The product is also claimed to be extremely gentle on the skin, producing no irritations or other negative side effects, while making sure that, slowly but surely, even the deepest Melasma becomes hardly visible – if at all.

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