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It didn't take us long to come up with several reasons why we personally would not recommend the Proactiv® Dark Spot Corrector, we took one look at the ingredient list and immediately knew that this skin lightening formula was not a product that we would use on ourselves.

The main culprit ... hydroquinone, a skin lightening agent used in prescription medications that has been linked to acute myelogenous leukemia as well as the possibility of permanent corneal damage if it comes in contact with your eyes.

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Proactiv® has also included the use of parabens in their dark spot corrector which have also come under scrutiny for possible adverse side effects. While we can't say for certain that parabens are a dangerous substance (as studies are still ongoing) we do know for certain that they are being being fazed out by many skin care companies on the assertion that there may be long term side effects with continued use.

After numerous studies and customer surveys we have concluded that the vast majority of consumers looking for an effective dark spot corrector would prefer to use products that do not contain harsh chemicals and bleaching agents and they would like a more natural composition of ingredients such as the all natural ingredients found in the Beverly Hills MD Skin Lighteming Formula.

We were quite taken aback when we analyzed the complete list of ingredients found in the Proactiv® dark spot remover as we discovered that there were no other active skin lightening ingredients aside from the hydroquinone.

Proactiv® Dark Spot Corrector Review: Consumer Alert! This Product Contains Hydroquinone and Parabens

As you can see the only active ingredient is the 2% hydroquinone and quite frankly that's a small percentage when you consider that the prescription standard is 4%.

Consumer Complaints

Quite honestly we didn't spend a lot of time researching the various review sites and complaint boards as we had pretty much already made up our minds that this dark spot corrector was not going to get our endorsement, however we did take a quick look at one of the most respected complaint boards at and were astonished to see the myriad of customer complaints that have been filed against them​​... everything from "poor quality products" - to - "unauthorized charges on credit cards" - to - "complete and utter incompetence" ... and the list goes on...

Final Verdict: Not Recommended by Us​

An Alternative Solution:

For a superior and effective alternative we wholeheartedly recommend Beverly Hills MD Dark Spor Corrector. This award winning all natural dark spot corrector is the industry "Gold-Standard" for the removal of darks spots associated with melasma, hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scars, freckles, uneven skin tone and more 

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