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The manufacturers of SkinBright claim it to be one of the world's most gentle yet powerful skin brighteners, uniquely designed to help in the removal of all kinds of skin discolorations. Its performance levels have been enhanced over the many years of research that only encourages the use of all-natural ingredients in its making. 

The formula not only meets the needs of one gender but both; men and women. Thus, any man or woman with skin discolorations such as age spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma can use SkinBright and be assured of optimal results - an even and radiant skin tone. The formula is so effective such that, one can start seeing positive changes in less than two weeks.


SkinBright is made using two highly powerful natural ingredients that have been combined to give the best results. These include Kojic acid and Alpha-Arbutin alongside other natural moisturizers.

  • a) Kojic Acid: This is an all-natural lightening agent that's obtained from Sake - Japanese wine. Since its discovery in 1989, it has proven to be highly effective and safe more so in brightening pigmentation spots and skin discolorations irrespective of one's skin type or shade. So no matter how sensitive your skin is, or how dark or light your skin tone is, SkinBright will work for you.

  • b) Alpha-Arbutin: This special ingredient is obtained from the Bearberry tree. Its key function is to inhibit the amount of melanin being produced. This is attained through Alpha-Arbutin's special melanin inhibitors such as hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is gentle hence poses no side effects onto the skin.

A mixture of these ingredients helps in exfoliating the skin, decreasing the amount of melanin being produced, soothing the skin and protecting it from further damage. Moreover, unlike other skin brighteners in the market that use either Kojic acid cream or Alpha-Arbutin, SkinBright uses both of them hence, giving better results.


To ensure that SkinBright's contents are protected from oxidation - which is the number one cause of degradation of skin care products, the product is packaged in a 50ml airless dispenser.

The product is also sold with a light shielding pouch that's geared towards protecting SkinBright from the harsh UV rays of the sun. These rays are also known to contribute to the products degradation.

These two essential packaging elements play a key role in making sure that the formula always remains fresh and effective.​

This is by far the best dark spot remover that we have tested to date and is why we have ranked it #1 among the 101 dark spot removers that we have reviewed.

If you want to remove your darks spots safely, naturally and most effectively we recommend you give skinbright a try.
Rated Best Dark Spot Remover

A Review of the SkinBright Dark Spot Remover