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As we get older our skin is not only affected by age spots but those jiggling jowls and chubby cheeks also become more of a problem the older we get. Here is the truth behind five myths about your sagging skin and how you can stop it from happening. 

Running Makes a Face Sag 

FALSE: Skin sags because of two age-related reasons. It sags because of a lack of collagen (the reason skin is elastic) and a loss of facial fat, which can make skin droop. While it is true that the body bounces and jiggles as you job this jostling is unlikely to damage your collagen. 

It’s more likely that running around outdoors is exposing you to more UV rays, which CAN break down your collagen. So put on the sunscreen before heading out even if it’s cold outside. 

Your Face Sags Because You Sleep On Your Stomach

FALSE: How you sleep is unable to cause sagging. It can lead to skin wrinkles though. These are the lines that you see in your mirror when you wake up. They happen because your pillow tugs at your skin while asleep. It’s not so bad when you’re young as the skin bounces back into place but skin becomes less resilient over time and can stay this way. Sleeping on your back can stop these sleep wrinkles. 

If you love to sleep on your stomach or toss and turn through the night (people change their sleeping position around 11 times a night) then you can give a “sleep wrinkle pillow” a shot. These pillows are designed to cradle your head to encourage you to stay on your back. They also have graded steps that keep your face from hitting the pillow too much. 

Facial Exercises can Stop Skin Sagging

TRUE. SORT OF. Facial exercises can make your facial muscles bigger. This can theoretically make your skin sag less but it also leads to expression lines. While you can do facial exercises to get rid of basset-hound eyes they can make your crows’ feet worse. If you don’t mind the idea of calling in a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon then Botox would probably give you the results you want. 

Weight Loss Makes Skin Sag 

TRUE. Gaining weight causes your skin to stretch to accommodate the weight. When you lose the weight you might notice you’re left with under eye bags and a slack jaw. Your skin just doesn’t bounce back the way it used to when you were younger as you age. The good news is that you can use products such as Retin-A and Voluma to help. 

You can Buy Products that Fight Sagging Skin

TRUE. It is possible to reverse your saging skin and if you are already using any of the products from Beverly Hills MD such as their highly successful dark spot remover called Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector  then you will already know just how effective their products are.

Sagging skin can be tightened with a lifting and firming cream such as Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream, however if you have crepey skin you should be looking into a crepe corrector like Bevery Hills MD Crepe Correcting Body Complex

Also, products such as retinols or retinoids improve the production of collagen and vitamin C can bring some elasticity back to your skin. One study showed that by taking a French pine bark extract called pyncogenol patients had better skin elasticity, were better hydrated, and had higher levels of hyaluronic acid; an agent the body uses to plump skin. The study was done in Germany and was funded by the maker of the raw materials used in the supplements. 

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​The Truth About What Causes Your Skin to Sag

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