Finding the best whitening cream for your face can be a daunting task especially when so many manufactures all claim that their products are the best, it's difficult to know which brand really is the most superior brand on the market.

We have scoured the internet, reading countless customer reviews and testimonials as well as conducting our own in-house survey in an effort to uncover the truth in regards to all those claims made by so many skin care companies. 

We have chronicled our reasons on why we have chosen Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector as the #1 whightening cream for facial skin and/or any other body part, you can read the entire report on our dark spot remover page. 

When choosing a skin lightening cream it is important know exactly what ingredients are being used and to consider safety first.

Many products on the market today contain dangerous ingredient such as hydroquinone or mercury and should only be used on the advise of your physician.

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Whitening Cream for Face:

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However, we caution against using products that contain any of those ingredients as they are all known to cause adverse side effects and often permanent, damaging effects

Obtaining lighter skin should never be harmful to your personal health and well-being.

Or best advise when choosing a skin whitening cream for face is to ensure that the ingredients are all natural and have no known side effects. At the very minimum the following ingredient list should be considered.

  •   Kakadu Plum

  • DermalRx (Yeast Extract)

  • Daisy Flower Extract

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

  • Terminalia Fruit Extract

  • Algae Extract

As mentioned above, those ingredients are the very minimum you should be looking for in a quality whitening cream for face.

Beverly Hills MD® go far and beyond the minimum and include numerous other well known skin whitening ingredients that have been documented for their superior skin whitening properties and profound effectiveness

By combining the very best ingredients along with important vitamins and minerals their formulation works synergistically to whiten facial skin better that any other product that we are aware of.

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