Should You Choose a Chemical Peel or a Dark Spot Remover

There are chemical peels which are fairly effective in terms of lightening or eliminating dark spots. Some are made with alpha hydroxy acids and examples of these acids include acetic, salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids. Usually, these peels are lighter peels and they don't require a lot of downtime. 

For example, you may get them done during your lunch hour and then go back to work. However, they only disperse melanin (which makes up skin discolorations) in a moderate way, so they may not offer dramatic-enough results. 

Another option is a Jessner Peel, which is a medium-strength peel. It requires a downtime of three to four days and doesn't tend to cause too much mess, beyond peeling skin. It bleaches more than the lunchtime peel with alpha hydroxy acid does, so it's quite effective. However, it's going to require some time at home, out of the public eye, so it's not a super-convenient choice. 

The strongest chemical peels are Phenol peels and they do bleach skin permanently, while also reducing wrinkles. However, patients tend to be much too pale afterwards, so we don't really recommend these maximum-strength peels. 

Why Not Try a Dark Spot Remover First?

Our top rated Dark spot remover is great and works like a charm on dark spots. Just use it as directed and then track your results over time. Dark spot remover creams are known for their lightening power. They are an effective way to treat dark spots, right from the comfort and privacy of home, without the expense, discomfort and hassle of peels. Peels have their place, but women who want quick results for dark spots don't always need to resort to peels.

Most people are able to lighten their dark spots considerably just by using a quality dark spot remover and using it faithfully. 

If you are determined to go for a chemical peel vs using a dark spot remover, be very careful. You should have it done from a dermatologist who is board-certified. Don't trust just anyone to put harsh chemicals on your skin. There have been horror stories, so you must be vigilant about finding a practitioner with the right training. It's important to shop around carefully. Also, check customer reviews of businesses or clinics which do perform chemical peels on their clients. Lastly, compare prices. Some chemical peels cost a lot of money! Some may also cause stinging, burning and redness, as well as peeling. 

~ Stay Beautiful!

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Chemical Peels Versus Dark Spot Removers

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