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Of all the things in life that are unavoidable, ageing is one that is hated the most. As much as we would love to always stay young, it is not possible. As soon as you are in your mid-thirties, if you have not been careful enough, age spots will start to show on your skin. There is no escaping this, but can be avoided for a longer period of time. You must have seen all these film stars and TV personalities, who are at least a decade older than you are but they look younger than you and extremely pretty. Well, you could never come close to the care they give to their skins. I am talking about beauty treatments, surgeries, spas and an endless line of products, which if I started to name would take up all the article length. So let leave it at that and talk about how you can have a skin that looks younger and stays safe from skin conditions like appearance of age spots. Skin care products!
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Product Review: EB5 Age Spot Formula

Product Rating:
DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer
You must be thinking “I knew that” But wait; there is a deeper problem to this answer. All skin care products are not very efficient and don’t let the marketing lure you in to making an impulse purchase. You should know the product very well before you think about buying one. So let’s analyze a popular online skin care product named EB5 Age Spot Formula.

Introductions To EB5 Age Spot Formula:

Ageing process gives birth to age spots. These are basically discolorations, which are caused due to excessive sun exposure and depositing of outer dead skin layer on your face. This makes your skin look unappealing and old. This age spot formula helps treat your skin effectively to make your skin look brighter and younger instantly. The formulation treats age spots directly with its 2% hydroquinone, which is known for inhibiting excessive melanin. The sugarcane extracts help balance the skin tone and improves the skin texture. The maple extract helps reduce the cell damage to your skin. The orange extracts help in soothing sensitive areas of skin. The lemon extracts are added to the formula for its antioxidant properties. 

Well, the introduction includes a familiar picture of some good marketing done by the manufacturer, but does this product really have what it takes? Let’s read on. 

Key Benefits:

These are the benefits of the EB5 Age Spot Formula, as claimed by the manufacturer.

  • Dead skin cells are removed
  • Age spots are visibly reduced
  • Helps rejuvenate collagen
  • Reinvigorates skin texture
  • Balances the skin tone

Our Verdict:
One thing you have got to give this product is that it is economically priced. However, the formulation did not have 
any edge. Plus, the ingredients used do not complement each other very well, in the formulation method used. 

There were no researches or result claims found, so we will definitely not recommend this product to our customers. 
However, you can take a look at the products that managed to match our excellence criteria. 

2 star rating
EB5 Age Spot Formula