If you've been searching online for an effective product to lighten your complexion and/or get rid of unsightly dark spots, you've likely heard about Kojic Acid Cream. 

While Kojic acid is an important ingredient to look for in a dark spot remover, we caution consumers aginst using pure Kojic acid cream.

This product has its pros and cons and we will review these advantages and drawbacks in further detail, so that it’s easier for you to make a wise and informed decision as a consumer. 

When it comes to getting good results, you will need a proven product which performs well for real-life customers all over the world. It is 
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Will Kojic Acid Cream Lighten Your Skin and Remove Dark Spots?

Our #1 Recommended Dark Spot/ Skin lightener (with the perfect blend of Kojic acid)
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possible to lighten your skin and to remove dark spots – you just need to find the right product that really delivers.

Now, let’s explore this product’s key features, so you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s worth buying...

Advantages of Kojic Acid Cream

1)  First off, you should know that this type of cream works Just OK. While it may not be a “miracle” product, it will succeed in lightening skin to some extent and it may also minimize the appearance of dark spots, even if it doesn’t remove them entirely. 

As you can see, results will vary. Some people will get good results, while others will get fair results after treatment with Kojic Acid Cream. One key advantage of choosing Kojic Acid Cream is that you’ll be selecting a fairly safe product. In addition, this is a natural formulation which is derived from Japanese rice wine. 

2)  Part of the fermentation process which is utilized in order to make the Japanese wine, sake, is also utilized in order to create this skin-lightening treatment. Since it’s a natural cream, it doesn’t contain lab-created chemicals and additives. Its safety and its natural and pure active ingredients are definitely strong selling points with most consumers. 

Drawbacks of Using Pure Kojic Acid Cream

1)  While the product is considered to be safe, it does 
trigger contact dermatitis in many users as well as skin 
reddening and rashes. So, this is a drawback to be 
aware of.

2)  Kojic acid does work for skin lightening, although 
results typically aren’t as dramatic as customers who 
buy this cream would like them to be. Scientific 
studies and dermatological tests have proven that 
kojic acid works best when combined with other skin 
lightening ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin, 
Vitamin A Palmitate and Lemon Extract 
(to name a few). The results have proven to 
be superior to even those of prescribed medications
 without the high cost and negative side effects 
associated with prescription skin lighteners.

So, do consider “stacking” it with other products in order 
to enjoy superlative skin-lightening and/or dark spot 
removal. The downside of “stacking” is that it gets really 
expensive. You’ll need to buy more than one skin care 
product and these types of products can be pricey.

3)  Another problem with Kojic acid is that it is very unstable and will degrade significantly with continued exposure to air, it is imperative that you DO NOT buy kojic acid creams or lotions that come packaged in jars or tubes as these forms of packaging allow air to enter each time they are opened and the kojic acid will quickly begin to degrade rendering it completely useless in short time. The only acceptable packaging is an Air-Less dispenser which does not allow air to enter into the packaging thereby eliminating the possibility of oxidation and degradation which in turn preserves the product to the very end use.

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons, let’s examine some basic facts about this product.

What is Kojic Acid?

This acid is a whitish powder which is made from minute crystals. The product was first produced during the late 1980s and it’s been added to a range of skin care formulations since then. Derived from Sake (Japan rice wine), this acid is the by-product of a fermentation process.

How Does Kojic Acid Work?

This product works by inhibiting some of the enzymes that help to produce pigment in the skin. By slowing down the production of pigment, it lightens the skin over time and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

A Far More Superior Alternative!

SkinBright Concentrated Lightening Cream is the most effective skin-lightening product world wide and is fortified with the perfect blend of active ingredients, including Kojic acid and Alpha-Arbutin. Since it contains only the very best active ingredients, it gives a stacking effect (and stacking results) without the expense of needing to invest in an array of products. 

When you choose SkinBright®, which comes in a patented airless dispenser, you’ll have a safe and extremely effective skin treatment which will stay fresh from the first application to the last. 

This formula contains 16 of the most powerful skin lightening ingredients including Alpha Arbutin, Squalene, Vitamin A Palmitate, Hemp Oil and Lemon Extract, as well as the perfect blend of Kojic Acid.

Now is the right time to get the lighter skin that you've always wanted and to rid your complexion of dark marks and skin discolorations. When you choose SkinBright®, you’ll be choosing a superior product with a strong and proven reputation enjoyed by over 1 million customers around the world.

Pure Kojic Acid Cream is Not Recommended
contact dermatitis