Privacy Policy and our team are committed to respecting and ensuring our customers’ privacy and minimizing the collection and use of any sensitive or important data you share with us. Our Privacy Policy statement provides insight on the information collection process our website uses to gather and utilize the data you provide while visiting the website, for security.

Information Collection and Use

The website mainly collects personal data such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses when visitors subscribe or register for our newsletter.

We also collect general usage information from all visitors, including the pages visited, the user’s domain name or referral, the browser and platform type used to access our website and the address of the last URL visited before clicking through to one of our pages.

The purpose of our information tracking efforts has to do with security and statistical reasons. We aggregate, count and track visitors’ activities to ensure the safety of the website, to improve our analytics efforts for analyzing the way traffic flows to, through and from our website’s URLs, and to customize the content users can view while visiting us.

Data Disclosure and Third Party Sharing

Our website does not collect any personal data for the purpose of sharing or selling it to third parties. You can rest assured that all our customers’ privacy is maintained, and no information regarding your name, email address or other personal data will be disclosed to third party companies or individuals.


Cookies are files used to store key information in your machine regarding your browser type, the time you’ve spent browsing through our website or the pages you may have visited.

We use this information for security purposes, to make navigation easier, and to ensure a more personalized experience as you use our online services. We also use cookies as statistical data to improve our site’s functionality and track our customers’ response to advertisements in order to provide them with improved results.

You may opt to turn off cookies using your browser’s standard instructions for doing so. However, you may find some inconvenience as a result when attempting to use certain areas of our website.

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